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3 Myths Surrounding Intrusion Alarm Systems

If you’re serious about securing your business and property from the threat of possible break-and-enter attempts, then you definitely need to consider intrusion alarm monitoring systems as part of your security strategy.

Intrusion Alarm Systems Myths

An intrusion alarm system is a type of security alarm that is programmed to detect whenever someone engages in unauthorized access to your property. Intrusion alarm monitoring systems act as a deterrent to theft and property damage, and are a much-needed piece of your security plan.

Even with the known benefits of a professionally installed commercial intrusion alarm system, there are some popular myths surrounding intrusion alarm systems that need to be dispelled since they are not only downright wrong, but also potentially dangerous if they lead people to avoid intrusion alarm systems. So, with that said, check out these 3 myths.

  1. Determined Thieves Won’t Be Deterred by an Intrusion Alarm Monitoring System
    Unfortunately, there are those out there who believe that a thief, if they are truly determined to break into a property, won’t be deterred in the least by a security intrusion alarm or any security measure. But the truth trumps this myth. Studies show that properties that are equipped with security alarms, and make it known that they are secured with one via a sticker or yard sign, are less likely to be targeted by thieves. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, and properties without any security measures in place make the easiest of targets.
  2. The Cost Isn’t Worth it
    Another unfortunate myth is that the cost of a commercial intrusion alarm system outweighs the possible benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you consider that your business is possibly the most expensive investment you will ever make, you can begin to understand the importance of doing everything you can to properly secure it. Intrusion alarm systems are actually quite reasonably priced, and you can select add-on features to scale the security of the facility as desired. For protection and peace of mind, these solutions offer significant return on investment.
  3. Installation Is a Pain
    You can get wired and wireless intrusion security systems. While either can be installed with minimum fuss, new wireless solutions are obviously simpler to install than are wired solutions. With new technologies, like DSC’s “Power G” for their Power Series Neo line, problems with wireless signal strength are a thing of the past. These systems can cover hundreds of thousands of square feet with only a single wireless transmitter, or a couple of wireless signal repeaters.

Don’t let these and other myths dissuade you from considering intrusion security systems. The right tools will indeed keep your business and assets safe so that you and your employees can rest better at night.

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