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3 Ways Interactive Security Can Improve your Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring System

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Interactive Security ServicesBy now, most of us have heard the ads on TV or radio:  “smart home monitoring” which allows you full control of your home’s security alarm monitoring system.  These systems give users the ability to arm and disarm their intrusion alarm monitoring system via an app for their smartphone, check in on family members who are coming and going from the house, peek in on a CCTV video system installed in the home, control temperature and thermostats.  All of this via the intrusion alarm monitoring systems.  These systems are full of functional uses, but these ads are usually directed at homeowners.

FMC can also provide these sorts of services for business owners who have commercial intrusion alarm monitoring systems installed in their properties or businesses.  Through our partnership with Alarm.com, we can provide all of these sorts of services, which have real, tangible benefits for businesses which make these sorts of services a worthwhile investment when it comes to their commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system.  Here are some key benefits of adding interactive security services to your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system:

Live Streaming of CCTV Video Cameras Through the Alarm.com App

Through alarm.com, CCTV video cameras and be easily streamed through an app on your phone, which would also provide alerts and alarms in the event of a break-in at your business.  With more and more police departments asking for verification prior to the dispatch of police, video verification of alarms through commercial grade CCTV video surveillance is one way to ensure that these procedures are in effect, enabled a faster police response.  As we’ve shown in the past, video verified alarms through CCTV video surveillance have been proven to have faster police response and have a higher apprehension rates as a result. Video captured through FMC’s CCTV cameras through Alarm.com can be stored locally on a hard drive, as well as being stored in the cloud, ensuring overall data security in almost every circumstance.

Stay Secure and Connected with your Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring System

Using an interactive service such as Alarm.com will allow you to stay connected with your business, allow you to remotely arm and disarm the system and easily add and remove users from your alarm system, all with the peace of mind that the alarm monitoring is being handled 24/7/365 through FMC’s ULC-listed, Five Diamond Certified monitoring station.  If you have multiple locations, you can easily manage all of your sites through one interface on your phone, tablet, or laptop.  The app can provide live alerts to anyone, as well through SMS messaging or e-mail which allows you to have unique control over your system, even if the commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system is disarmed.  For example, if you want to know any time a specific window or door is left open, you can have program the system to provide you with an alert for this.  There are many unique ways the system can be used to help improve how your business operates!

Business Energy Management Through Your Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring System

Interactive alarm monitoring services allow you to control items such as thermostats and lighting in your business remotely from the same app we’ve talked about above.  This can ensure that heating is lowered when staff are not on site, and lights are turned off when the alarm system is armed (or, security lights are automatically turned on when the system is armed!).  Ensuring these things happen every single time is a solid way to reduce your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint as well!

Here are some more ways interactive services can help you improve your business operations, all through your commercial security alarm monitoring system (click the image to enlarge):

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Stay On Top of Your Business

Feel free to visit www.alarm.com to find out more, or contact us and we’d be happy to help you get more out of your commercial intrusion alarm system!

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