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5 Exclusive Benefits of Installing CCTV Video Surveillance in Schools

To facilitate learning, schools are tasked with a primary responsibility — that is, design conducive environments that support every student’s learning process and needs. One of the basic requirements of a conducive learning environment is safety, and today, that means adding security in schools by means of CCTV video surveillance.

Not only does CCTV video surveillance protect students from common challenges in the school environment such as bullying, loss of valuables, and students failing to follow appointed schedules, but it also protects them from external threats such as trespassing, violent crimes, and even confusion caused by unorganized evacuation procedures in the face of natural disasters. As parents leave their children in school every day, ensuring the safety of students placed under the care of schools becomes paramount; proactive monitoring through CCTV video surveillance is the first line of defense against any threat.

Learn about the undeniable benefits of installing CCTV video surveillance in schools below, and see why your school should have them installed or upgraded today:

1. Prevent unexpected incidents before they happen

One of the key benefits of installing CCTV video surveillance in schools is prevention. By installing CCTV cameras in crucial locations, school administrators can easily deter students, faculty members, guardians, guests, and intruders from committing offences and crimes such as bullying and theft, since they know that common areas are constantly monitored and any incorrect behaviour demonstrated is instantly recorded and can be used as evidence in enforcing disciplinary action. Plus, with up-to-date equipment, intruders and offenders can be easily identified and captured and security measures can be updated accordingly to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

2. Maintain access control

CCTV video surveillance provides added access control to school premises, as the monitoring system in place makes it easy to keep unauthorized persons out of the school, starting at entry and exit points. Plus, CCTV cameras are a great supplement to actual security guards, since the absence of human factors like fatigue and focus ensure effective surveillance 24/7.

3. Protect valuables and prevent theft

The reality is, theft is one of the most common incidents that occur in schools. Whether it’s students’ valuables that are at risk of getting stolen or expensive school equipment, CCTV video surveillance can be an effective preventative measure against theft. Installing CCTV cameras in common areas that faculty and students frequent, as well as IT rooms and laboratories where expensive school equipment is at risk of theft, can make a big difference in deterring any unwanted behaviour.  CCTV video surveillance also allows school administrators to monitor the use of resources and ensure that it is appropriate.

In the event that vandalism or theft actually occurs, CCTV camera footage can easily be reviewed to identify perpetrators, further investigate the matter, and enforce necessary disciplinary action.

4. Monitor attendance and school activities

Teachers frequently check attendance in class and do their best to monitor the whereabouts of students during activities, but this method is not completely foolproof, especially outside of regular class hours. CCTV video surveillance can support these efforts, as the constant monitoring allow school administrators to verify attendance and know the general location of students, faculty, and staff, which can be helpful in maintaining safety during school-wide activities and even in emergencies. Knowing that they are under surveillance, students and teachers can be driven to be more productive as reviews of recorded footage can provide administrators with insights on how to improve efficiency.

5.  Ensure safety during emergencies

While emergencies brought on by violent crimes and natural disasters are infrequent, it’s important to take necessary precautions against their occurrence. In the event that they do actually occur, it is reassuring for parents, students, faculty, and staff to know that an orderly evacuation can be facilitated. But did you know that CCTV video surveillance can help to ensure this?

CCTV video surveillance can be a useful tool in organizing evacuation as the constant monitoring can provide school administrators and emergency response teams alike insight into where bottlenecks are and which exit points remain viable. CCTV cameras can also aid in reducing response times in security drills as the constant surveillance allows school administrators and designated safety officers to revise the evacuation plan as necessary, depending on how fast students and staff are able to evacuate.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind in a Safe Learning Environment

Overall, CCTV video surveillance is a modern, up-to-date way of ensuring the safety of students in the digital age, which is especially important for parents who entrust the safety of their children to the school every day. CCTV cameras are, without a doubt, an effective security measure against the threat of theft and vandalism and safety precaution against bullying and other untoward incidents among students.

Aside from giving parents much-needed peace of mind, an up-to-date CCTV video surveillance system also helps to facilitate a conducive learning environment for students. Knowing that their actions are being watched and any behavioural infraction can be caught and subsequently dealt with goes a long way in ensuring that students refrain from bullying and committing offenses; in the event that they are bullied or harassed, students will also be assured that their perpetrators can be quickly identified and the matter can be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. All these foster a safe and productive learning environment.

Install CCTV Video Surveillance in Your School

Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. specializes in CCTV video surveillance systems to equip your school with the latest monitoring technology. With a fully customizable setup, you can easily identify areas with high foot traffic, those with valuable equipment, and entry and exit points and have as many cameras installed as necessary for constant monitoring. Designed to provide full-service security solutions, the CCTV video surveillance system installed in your school can also be integrated with an existing security alarm system through video verification. With these advanced security measures in place, students, parents, and staff alike are guaranteed a safe and conducive learning environment.

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