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5 Things You Need To Know About CCTV

A CCTV system can be quite beneficial to your work environment, but you need to keep in mind the proper precautions to avoid issues with the CCTV system in your business in the long run. In this article, we’re reviewing five things you need to be aware of about the CCTV system installed in your business or commercial space.

CCTV Camera System


  • You need to have proper signage. Make sure to have signs up in prominent, well lit locations. If you don’t communicate clearly and concisely that you are taking CCTV footage, it may be inadmissible in a courtroom, and violates privacy laws, such as PIPEDA. This could pose a potential problem if any footage of illegal activity or any other event is captured on your property and CCTV video is your only proof.



  • There are laws about where cameras can be set up. Make sure to place them in appropriate places around your premise, keeping in mind that areas like change rooms and bathrooms are illegal. While most people wouldn’t consider placing them here, retail stores with high theft rates sometimes see this as an ideal option, as it’s often where the culprit is hiding goods. However, regardless of this seeming like a plausible tactic at preventing stolen merchandise, it remains an illegal one. Speak with a CCTV security professional to determine what areas are appropriate for recording and which aren’t.



  • You can install the system yourself but is that really a good idea? As with any technology, you can probably figure it out if you are tech-savvy enough, but this is not always best route. A professional will be able to install the system accurately and provide you with service so your security will be remain effective. Taking matters into your own hands in an attempt to save money can wind up costing you with a system that is improperly installed, or isn’t covering the right areas. CCTV video surveillance is a big job and professionals can provide direction and assistance as to how a system should be installed, where cameras should be installed and what those cameras should view..



  • Keep the footage for 30 days or more. It is important to keep footage for at least a month or store it long-term in the cloud, if possible. If a crime is committed or an incident happens on your site, you want to have documented proof of the time and date, and you want to have enough time to be able to recognize an event has happened and review the recorded footage.



  • Make sure you know the law. Before you get the system installed, make sure to speak with a professional about why you want a CCTV system and the legalities around it. A professional will be able to guide you in the right direction and give you the most up-to-date information about CCTV and laws in Canada such as PIPEDA.


How does your CCTV system work?

A signal is generated at your property (breaking glass, motion detector, door contact, etc.). Once we receive the signal, we will have one of our dispatchers verify the alarm and we will move forward from there. Contact our team to speak with an expert about CCTV systems and/or intrusion alarm monitoring systems for your business. We offer trusted, quality service to keep your staff and property safe and secure at all times.

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