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5 Ways To Increase Your Perimeter Security

If you’ve invested in security measures to protect the inside of your home or business, you should also be working to increase your perimeter security. Points of entry into your home, such as doors, windows and the landscaping around your property could be easily accessible to an intruder without the proper security measures in place. However, there are many ways to increase security around your property’s perimeter. Below are 5 ways you can improve security for your home or business:

Increase Your Perimeter Security

  1. Use advanced video surveillance technology

    Modern cameras, like CCTV, use advanced technology to offer you increased protection. Some will filter outdoor movement, such as the wind, to avoid triggering a false alarm. As well, night vision cameras are sensitive to light and can see better in the dark, as well as detect heat signatures from further distances. Lastly, cameras that use GPS are often more accurate as they can differentiate from an animal that can appear as an intruder at a close distance from an actual intruder.

  2. Prioritize durability

    Depending on your location, your security measures should be able to withstand the weather that might be affecting your home or building. Whether you’re dealing with snow, humidity, wind or UV exposure, you should buy technology that’s built to last in the outdoor environment.

  3. Limit foot traffic

    Increased foot traffic around your home or building’s perimeter can allow for potential invaders to determine their point of entry and possible see inside. Landscaping around your perimeter will help to mitigate this threat by redirecting any foot traffic. As well, you should limit access to the upper levels and roof of your home or building. Many invaders find various ways to access these areas and enter your property.

  4. Use sensors

    Door, window and shock sensors are all important ways to increase your perimeter security. If an invaders attempts to break a window or enter through your door, motion sensors and glass break sensors will activate an alarm. There are also systems that can perform this service wirelessly.

  5. Increase visibility

    A security camera will help you to better see potential invaders. However, you should also take care to remove or trim any large shrubs, bushes or trees so they can not be used to conceal an intruder.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you to increase the security of your home or building. Installing security cameras and sensors that are durable is a crucial first step, however you should also make the effort to re-route any foot traffic and increase the visibility around your property through landscaping. Taking these necessary steps will help you to achieve peace of mind knowing your home or building is safe.

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