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How to Acknowledge Alarm on DSC Power Series Keypad

How to Acknowledge an Alarm on a ULC-listed DSC Power Series Fire Alarm Monitoring Panel TitleIn this tech tip video, we’ll show you how to acknowledge an alarm on the keypad of a DSC Power Series ULC-listed fire alarm monitoring panel.  Click Play to find out how, or read along in the caption!

Instructions on How to Acknowledge an Alarm on the Keypad of your DSC Power Series ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring or Sprinkler Alarm Monitoring System

The DSC Power Series Fire Alarm Monitoring Panel is used to transmit alarms from your fire alarm or sprinkler system to our ULC-listed Signals Receiving Centre. While the fire monitoring panel itself will reset when the fire alarm panel or fire sprinkler system resets, the keypad will continue to beep and the keypad will display a notification until the alarm is acknowledged.

  • Tools Needed:
    Access to the DSC Keypad
    Valid User Code

(Disclaimer – Call your security company if you have any questions prior to proceeding)

  • Your fire alarm monitoring panel will be red, and look something like this, with a white keypad.
  • When you arrive at the DSC keypad you will notice that the keypad has an alarm in memory, and that the keypad is flashing the zone which is in alarm. In this case, Zone 1 is a fire alarm.
  • In the event of a fire alarm from your fire alarm system or a trouble condition from your fire alarm system, this will be indicated on the keypad. In order to acknowledge the alarm on the fire alarm monitoring panel, simply enter into your four digit code onto the keypad three times.
  • Entering the code will not impact the function of the fire alarm monitoring or sprinkler alarm monitoring system and its ability to transmit alarms to our Signals Receiving Centre, it will only reset the display on the keypad.

You’re all done!

Thank you for your time, please contact us if you have any questions.

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