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Add User to Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition Web Client

In a previous Tech Tip, we showed you how to add a user or access card to the Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition client.  The Entrapass Corporate Edition Client allows you to add and remove users from the system as you distribute and/or take away access cards, fobs, buttons and codes to or from authorized users.  The Kantech software is robust and allows many features to add or remove users, however it requires training, and “knowing where to click”.  Fortunately, Kantech also offer a web-based client which makes adding a user much, much simpler.

How to Add Card to Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition Software Web Client Banner

As you can see from the picture below, the Entrapass web client provides easy-to-follow instructions for any person authorized to add or remove people from the card access system:

Kantech Entrapass Add User Web Interface

In order to add a user to the Entrapass System via the web client interface, simply follow these steps, and follow along in the video below:

  • Click on “User” under the “Operations” tab at the top of the window
  • Click the Add Button
  • Complete the Name of the User you wish to add
  • Enter the Card Type and Card # of the new user
  • Select the correct Access Level for each site the user has access to

The user will now be added to the system.  A photo of the user can be taken or uploaded by clicking on the blue avatar in the upper left hand corner.

That’s it, you’re done!


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