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Advanced CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Advanced CCTV Video Surveillance System with Heat MapCCTV Video management systems have undergone quite the evolution in recent years, making them as good as (or in some cases even better than) the access control systems and security monitoring systems. Not too long ago, when the access control system – quite simply a system that selectively restricts access to a place or other resource – detected an issue or something out of the ordinary, video was brought up, or was used for forensic purposes. Alternatively, modern CCTV video management systems can make use of real-time situational awareness, verification of access control events, and primary alarm detection.

Advanced Video Surveillance

As technology in the audio/video sphere evolves, so too do video surveillance systems. Video management systems now offer high resolution and high frame rate systems. This means that detecting an anomaly, picking out smaller details in recorded footage, and determining identity credentials is far more efficient as the image you’re presented with is clearer and smoother. These systems are state of the art, come equipped with intelligent algorithms, as well as robust networking infrastructure and storage. These advances allow for video security systems to recognize anomalies and enhance response times. Top of the line video security systems offer features such as mobile applications and notifications, meaning your business’ security is always at your fingertips.

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Video Management as a Service

 Video management systems work by using heavy network infrastructure. This means that large amounts of bandwidth, processing, and storage are required. As a result, this type of video monitoring is conducive to cloud-based solutions, migrating a good deal of the system’s heavy lifting to an off-site server. Video Management as a Service (VMaas) can make your life as a business owner more manageable, as you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of the storage necessary, or potentially high network costs required to keep the video surveillance system operating efficiently.

Unique Identification

 Video biometric identification will work with (or replace altogether) badge identification for physical access. Eventually, this type of access control could be utilized to authenticate mobile credentials – allowing for seamless access to specific locations.

Analyze This

Video analytics have come a long way to become an invaluable toolset. Originally a pixel-based system – wherein an algorithm is used to understand the arrangement of pixels represented in an image –  video analytics now work on a more data driven approach. These analytics will be used to monitor occupancy metrics, building management input controls, people tracking, asset tracking, perimeter security and automated dispatch of officers and machines.

The advancement in video surveillance technology is something to get very excited about. The shift to a smarter video surveillance system means detecting a problem with your precious assets – whatever they may be – will be handled by an intelligent system, virtually removing the element of human error. One has to wonder though, what will heist films become with out the tried and true trope of the sleepy security guard watching the video monitors?



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