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How Alarm.com Interactive Monitoring Improves Business Security

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As you know, Fire Monitoring of Canada has partnered with Alarm.com to provide leading-edge interactive security functions for the alarm systems we install in your facility.  Typically when you think about “Interactive Security”, which is the ability to remotely manage the security system through the use of a website portal or an app on your phone or tablet, we hear commercials talking about how it can benefit you at home; knowing when your kids come home, the ability to view cameras on your house or open garage doors and the like.  Interactive Security is not just for use in your home, however.  It has many useful and important functions for the security alarm system installed in your commercial space, business, or just about any application where a security system is installed.  We’ve listed some ways Interactive Security coupled with monitoring in our ULC-listed monitoring station can benefit you as a business owner, property manager or operator:

Multi-Site Security Management

Through the use of the Alarm.com app, authorized users can easily manage the security and services in various locations.  The Alarm.com app makes it easy to scroll through your different sites, check on the status of the alarm systems there, and any other services we might have connected for you.  All of this is done through one log-in on the app.

Increased Awareness of What’s Happening in Your BusinessSecurity Alarm System App Notification

Through the use of Alarm.com, you are able to increase the awareness of what is happening in your business in real time.  For example, if you want to know the moment that the door to a refrigerator or window has been opened (of been left open for a specific period of time – even for specific days or times of day), we can send notifications directly to you on your phone.  If an alarm is tripped in your site, we can connect you with a visual of the scene through the installation of an image sensor. This will send you an alarm, plus an image of what’s happening during that alarm.  It’s video verification of the alarm that you can perform yourself.  Events can be set up for specific times, so that if something doesn’t happen (like a cleaner showing up at a specific time) you can be notified.

Maintain Professionally Monitored Alarm Monitoring

As we’ve discussed before – self-monitored security just isn’t a good investment for commercial property owners.  While there are some benefits, there are many issues that are raised with self-monitored, including your availability, insurance issues, response issues and more which are covered in that blog post.  A system installed with the Alarm.com app affords you all of the benefits of some of the more technical self-monitored alarm systems on the market, with the peace of mind that the crucial alarms from your business or commercial space are being handled by trained personnel in FMC’s Five-Diamond, ULC-listed monitoring station.  We are able to quickly react to situations from your alarm system and accurately dispatch the appropriate personnel or authorities, depending the protocol you have designed for us, keeping procedures like Enhanced Call Verification in mind.

Live Look-ins on your BusinessAlarm System Video Verification

FMC can provide live video feeds of your site through cameras installed and connected to your Alarm.com account.  These cameras allow you to look in on your cameras at any point of the day to check on whether or not the system has been disarmed, or to verify what is going on in the facility after talking with one of our monitoring station operators prior to dispatching authorities.  FMC can also provide on-site or off-site recording of these cameras  and events through our service.



Improve Economics of the Business


FMC can integrate Alarm.com with business functions like the thermostat of your business so that you are able to adjust the temperatures inside your business from anywhere you can get an internet connection.  We can also use it to connect to the lighting systems and other devices in the business which will allow you to save on heating and cooling costs and electricity.  It is not only environmentally friendly, but economically friendly, too.

These are but 3 ways that FMC can use features from the new interactive security genre to help improve the overall security and efficiency of your business, or managed property.  Please Contact Us for a no-obligation visit to discuss how we can help you implement Alarm.com in your business!


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