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Alarm Monitoring & Delivering on Promises

Alarm Monitoring AgreementI recently read an article in an industry magazine that security companies should strive to “Be the dealer who ‘under promises’ and then ‘over delivers’ on all aspects of the work.  This can be read here. Here at Fire Monitoring of Canada, we agree that we should strive to provide top quality service which makes you, the customer happy, and also makes us proud.

Where we disagree is how to get to that point. At FMC, we do not think that ‘under promising and over delivering’ is a fair statement to make to you, the customer.  What this statement implies is that companies are being less than truthful to their customers about their abilities in order to make themselves look better once the contract is signed.

We like to think we have a better way to think about delivering our services to you, the customer:   Make a commitment and deliver on that commitment as promised. Indeed, if you look at our company’s stated values, you’ll see words like Respect, Integrity, and Communication, and these values extend to the thought that we strive to live up to our commitments to our customers.  In the past, we have mentioned our commitment to provide “Service with Integrity”.  In keeping with this mantra, part of our integrity is delivering best-in-class service, whether it be in our day-to-day interactions in the SRC, service issues, installations or any other interaction you have with our company.

By “under promising”, we feel that there is a lack of respect to the customer.  The idea that we will live up to our commitments extends to all facets of our interactions with our customers, from the first moment that you call looking for a quote for our services to our day-to-day interactions.  If we commit to getting a quote to you by a certain date, we will strive to live up to that promise.  If we make a commitment to finish an installation within a certain time frame, we’ll do the same.

We’re also making changes in order to better serve and communicate with you, and to deliver on the commitments we’re making to you.  For example, we’re outfitting our technicians with mobile devices which allow them to close tickets at your premises.  By providing us with your e-mail address, you will get real-time updates when work is completed at your site with information as to what was completed, and what was replaced.  We also have set up an automated notification system for any scheduled work.  You will receive notifications from us when work is scheduled, and reminders the day before including info on which technician will be attending your business.

Whether we are installing a ULC-S561 fire alarm monitoring system, a security alarm system in your business  or CCTV system, we will work to live up to the commitments we have made to you.  It isn’t about under promising and over delivering, but rather about committing to providing a high quality level of service on a daily basis and having a level of service be what you expect and  deserve.

We’d be ahppy to talk to you in more detail about these issues, please Contact Us to find out more.


Testimonial & Case Study

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