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The Benefits of Hosted Card Access Control

hosted remote access control system cloudMany businesses are moving to card access control systems in order to properly track who is coming and going from their business, to integrate their time and attendance with employee comings and goings, to more easily manage keys and to generally improve the security of their business and commercial space.  Card access systems are easy to use, easy to manage, and allow for greater control of the security of your commercial premise.

Most of these card access control systems are tied into a computer located somewhere within the premise in which the card access control system resides, usually located in a server room, but sometimes in more accessible places.    This server contains the software which is used to interface with the card access control system and all of the card readers attached to it, the programming schedules, as well as the database of everyone who has a card and access to your building.  Unless you’re doing regular back-ups of your system, any issues with this computer and database can result in the loss of critical data, and cost while a service technician works to rebuild your data.

This is where hosted card access control comes into play.  Hosted access control is a service where all of your card access control system’s data is hosted off-site, like in FMC’s secure data cloud.  With a simple secure internet connection, all of the card access control data from your site is hosted in the cloud, ensuring that your system never loses its data, and it remains accessible at all times. All information from your system is updated in real time.

Here are the main benefits of hosted access control:

Reduced Installation Costs For Your Card Access Control System

The costs for installation of a hosted access control system are reduced as there is no need to install a costly server with the rest of the card access control system.  All of the computer equipment required is hosted at FMC’s secure data facility, and is maintained there.  There is no need to provide any extra computer equipment.

Access to Your Card Access Control System from Anywhere

As the servers are hosted in the cloud, you are able to securely access your card access control software from anywhere you have an internet connection.  You are able to log into your card access system through a secure login via a workstation, software client installed on a computer, via web browser or through an app for your smartphone.  This means you have access to your access control system at a moment’s notice, from anywhere in the world.  This makes the management of your system easy, meaning you can grant access to your building for authorized people from anywhere, or add or remove users from your hosted card access control system at any time from anywhere in the world.

Easier Management of Multiple Sites with Card Access Control

Often, businesses with multiple sites who have card access control systems installed have multiple databases which manage each individual site.  This means when employees leave the company or are added to your company, someone needs to access each database and add or remove that particular person.  This means that potentially a site could be missed, leading to inconvenience to a new employee or at worst a severe security issue for an employee who has left.  With hosted access control, all sites can be managed through a single database and software interface by a single person.  With one easy portal a user can be added or removed from your company, from multiple sites with the click of one button.

Higher Levels of Data Security for your Card Access Control System

As all or your card access control data resides in the cloud, and is stored in a redundant fashion, your data will always remain available to you, without the worry of data loss in the event of a computer failure.  You will always have access to your data and system history and can rest well knowing it is securely stored and professionally managed and maintained.

For more information on hosted Card Access Control, contact us and one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives would be happy to discuss these benefits with you in depth!

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