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Benefits of Active Cellular Monitoring for Fire & Security Alarm Monitoring

Cellular Alarm Monitoring LogoAs you may have read previously, Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. (FMC) now offers active cellular monitoring to our customers.  You can read more about what “active” communication means here, but the short version is that FMC actively monitors the integrity of the communications system, and will know about any communications issues with your commercial facility or business within 180 seconds.

This type of monitoring can be used for fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring applications to meet CAN/ULC-S561, and can also be used for the monitoring of the security alarm system (you might call it an intrusion alarm system or a burglary system).  FMC tested this form of communication for over 18 months, and are confident in its stability and reliability.

The question then becomes:  Why should I choose this method of monitoring, and what are the benefits to me?

No need for back-up communications

As an “active” form of communication, this means that ULC-S561 does not require a second form of communication to be compliant with ULC-S561.  This means that if your business has gone away from copper telephone lines you won’t need to order one.  It also means that we won’t need to get an IT department involved in the monitoring of your fire alarm or sprinkler system to connect up to your IP network.

This is especially true for property managers who are responsible for the base building and life safety components of a facility, but nothing more.  Before active cellular, there was a need to order in a line specifically for fire alarm monitoring, as tenants’ lines may not be available.  Now, with active cellular, these lines can be eliminated, and potentially reduce cost for you as well.


As mentioned above, with no need to bring in a new phone line, or need to coordinate with IT departments, you can simply rely on FMC for a front-to-back solution for fire monitoring.  Outside of an electrical connection, FMC can provide the panel, all necessary communications and connections to your fire alarm or sprinkler system through our CFAA certified technicians.  With active monitoring, we can make the installation of your fire alarm monitoring or security alarm monitoring simply, from start to finish.  If there is ever any issue with the service, there’s only one place to call – FMC – and not calls to your IT department or to a telco provider for service on a connection.

A direct replacement for DVACS equipment

As we’ve pointed out previously, DVACS lines are not going away.  The equipment that is used to communicate over DVACS is no longer manufactured certainly is, however.  Coupled with the fact that DVACS rates are consistently on the rise, it’s not surprising that many businesses are looking to get away from equipment that uses DVACS.  Active cellular monitoring is a direct replacement for DVASC communications, as it fits into the same “active” category that DVACS does, has the same line integrity and supervision levels that DVACS does, and doesn’t need a back-up, much like DVACS does.  In fact, while providing essentially the same level of service, the “network” portion of active cellular monitoring typically costs less than a DVACS line would.

These are three clear benefits to using active cellular service for ULC-S561 fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring and security alarm monitoring.  Contact us today to discuss how we can implement this in your facility, and how we can use active cellular to help you.



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