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Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring: Best Value vs. Price

best price value commercial intrusion alarm monitoringWe’ve all heard the ads on TV and radio for commercial intrusion alarm monitoring. $99.00 installation of your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system! Free installation of your monitoring equipment and sign up for a 5 year term!  These sound like great deals, but like any great deal they come loaded with caveats and limitations. The key to try and figure out how to get the best value out of your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring (opposed to the best cost), and what is hidden in these great deals that are advertised.

Cookie Cutter Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Systems

The biggest limitation you’ll find with these sorts of “deals” in commercial intrusion alarm monitoring is that systems are “cookie cutter”.  They will typically come with a set number of door contacts and motion sensors in addition to a very basic keypad and alarm monitoring control panel.  While this may work for some businesses, for most these deals won’t cut it.  Your business is unique, and deserves the appropriate consultation and discussion to ensure proper coverage that true commercial intrusion alarm monitoring can provide.  Relying on an “over the phone” quote for the monitoring of your commercial space can leave your business vulnerable in specific areas, which could lead to increased cost down the line, and sensitive areas of your business unmonitored.

Who Owns Your Commercial Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Equipment?

Another factor which needs to be considered in these sorts of deals is who owns the equipment after it is installed and what type of equipment is being installed?  Often these cookie cutter deals come with long contract terms and equipment which is on a perpetual lease.  Other times, the commercial intrusion alarm monitoring equipment which is installed is proprietary, meaning that only the company who installed the equipment can use it, and monitor it.

Both of these situations become problematic for you as a business operator.  In the event that you’re unhappy with service being provided to you – whether it be their security alarm technicians, the level of commercial intrusion alarm monitoring or basic customer service – you will need to look at having the equipment installed replaced if you wish to switch companies. This can become a headache, and for larger systems can cause downtime in your intrusion alarm monitoring service as the system is being transitioned.  All of this can lead to frustration and increased costs down the line.  Ask for non-proprietary equipment to be installed for any commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system installation, and be sure of the contract terms on “who” owns the equipment going into your building.

What are the Credentials of the Commercial Security Company?

The last piece to consider is what are the company’s credentials?  Are they ULC listed?  Are they members of the Canadian Security Association?  What training do their staff have?  Do they operate their own monitoring station?  Do they do annual criminal record checks of their employees? All of these items can impact the level of service you receive and the costs for you in years to come, whether that is in relation to return service calls for poorly installed equipment or false alarm fines for alarms which shouldn’t have been dispatched.

We recognize that keeps costs low is important for any business – we run a business ourselves!  With that in mind, not every “great deal” is the right deal for a business. As we’ve noted above with these two examples, often in commercial intrusion alarm monitoring these deals can carry issues which can increase your frustration and costs down the line.  Ensure you’re getting to most value for the commercial intrusion alarm monitoring services you’re acquiring (opposed to the best cost).  Ask for an on-site assessment, and understand the terms of your agreement and what type of equipment is being installed.  With these three components in place, you’ll be able to determine what the best value is for you and your business for your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring needs.

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