Get Your Security System Ready for the New Year in Five Steps

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

Around a month into the new year people everywhere are evaluating, and prepping to start the new year on the right foot!  But those who resolved to improve personally aren’t the only things that should be evaluated in the new year, so should your security system.  To help you get the most out of your system in the new year, just follow these five easy steps:

1. Is your call list up to date?

Staff and roles can change within a business over the course of a year and updating your call list with your alarm monitoring dispatch is often overlooked.  Having an up-to-date call list is a critical first step in ensuring that your alarms are handled correctly, and that false alarms are avoided.  If you don’t have a copy of your most recent call list, contact your alarm monitoring company for the most recent copy.

2. Book an inspection

If you don’t already have your system inspection booked, call your security service provider and schedule one for the upcoming year.  During this inspection, a certified service technician will check your system’s battery, and test all of your system’s function to ensure they are working properly.  Items such as cameras, window and door contacts, motion detectors, and sirens should all be in working order to make sure your system is doing it’s best for you.

3. Evaluate system functionality

Is your system working the way that you want it to?  Today’s security systems offer many integrations and conveniences to make using your system as easy as possible.  Like any technology, if your system is a few years old, chances are there are new features and functions that can be upgraded.

4. New additions?

As your business has evolved over the years you may have made some changes to the layout of the building or added some new function space. If your building has made some changes, make sure that your system is covering the new space adequately, and ensure you are fully protected.  To review your needs, call your service provider to book a site visit.

5. Plan for the future

Your business plans for the future, so why not include your security system in those discussions.  As your business grows and expands your security needs will grow with it.  Perhaps you are looking to add to or purchase a new facility, or maybe you plan to increase your workforce and will need to add new staff to your existing system.  Whatever your plans may be, you will need to adjust your security needs as your business grows.

In order to help you with your system evaluation, we’ve provided a great checklist to walk you through all of the things you need to consider. Download the Security Checklist HERE