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  • The Best Panic/Emergency Alert Systems For The Office

    Installing the best panic or emergency alert system for your office will give you peace of mind knowing that any emergency in the office will be responded to as fast as possible, and that you are doing your best to keep your employees safe. There are a range of these type of alert systems available, ...
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  • 4 Fire Safety Tips For Commercial Property Managers

    Preventing fires in commercial properties is one of the most important safety responsibilities of being a building manager. It’s important to have a fire prevention system in place, a properly installed and maintained fire alarm monitoring system, and an emergency escape plan. Here are some fire safety tips for commercial property managers: Create a Service ...
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  • 3 Most Common Causes Of Commercial Building Fires

    Preventing fires in commercial building is a serious matter because lives and businesses are at stake. In order to prevent commercial building fires, it’s necessary to understand the most common causes in no particular order: ArsonArson is the most dangerous and one of the most common causes of commercial building fires. Arson poses a severe ...
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  • Robotics and UAVs in the Security Industry

    Since the dawn of science fiction, robotics have been associated with the automation of manual tasks. The etymology of the word itself stems not from some brilliant scientific mind, but a Czech playwright, Karel Čapek, who introduced it in his 1920 play, ‘R.U.R.,’ or ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’. The word ‘robot’ in the title is adapted ...
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  • Add User to Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition Web Client

    In a previous Tech Tip, we showed you how to add a user or access card to the Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition client.  The Entrapass Corporate Edition Client allows you to add and remove users from the system as you distribute and/or take away access cards, fobs, buttons and codes to or from authorized users.  The ...
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