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  • Ways Access Cards Can Increase Safety In Your Building

    As a business owner, you have to protect your company from both external and internal threats, and an access control system can help boost that protection. Access cards are an electronic means of controlling & monitoring access to your office or building and are a great tool for mitigating the risk of unauthorized entry. Consider ...
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  • The Importance of Designating A Fire Warden In Your Office

    Access Cards Increase Building Safety
    If a fire ensues on your commercial property, time is of the essence. We know from our work in fire alarm monitoring and with OPEN ACCESS™ how quickly a fire spreads: A fire doubles in size every minute after the first four minutes. From evacuating the building to notifying the first responders, someone needs to ...
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  • How to Add a Card to Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition

     In these regular posts, we’ll walk you through “How-To’s” for equipment that we service, and questions that we are regularly asked from you, our customers. In this tech tip, we’ll look at how to add a user card to your Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition Software.  Kantech creates access control hardware & software, and the Entrapass ...
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  • Security & Identity Management

    In an age where more of your information than ever is being stored digitally, identity protection has never been more important. Think about it, you’re probably carrying around a rectangle in your pocket right now, that not only keeps a detailed log of the passwords to all the websites you frequent, but your credit card ...
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  • 4 Ways To Reduce False Fire Alarms

    4 ways to reduce false fire alarms image
    According to the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, approximately 23% of all Fire Department responses in Ontario are false fire alarms.  False fire alarms present a significant safety risk for firefighters, and could leave you responsible for a significant fine from the fire department.  Because of this, it’s critical that you make an effort to reduce ...
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Testimonial & Case Study

  • "Fire Monitoring of Canada impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but resolved existing service issues with another alarm service provider." - Administrative Coordinator
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  • "Their monitoring & service personnel are knowledgeable, helpful and responsible." - Facilities Manager
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  • "The FMC technician was exceptionally professional in the performance of his duties. He was very organized, focused, safety minded" - Asset Manager
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