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  • Security & Identity Management

    In an age where more of your information than ever is being stored digitally, identity protection has never been more important. Think about it, you’re probably carrying around a rectangle in your pocket right now, that not only keeps a detailed log of the passwords to all the websites you frequent, but your credit card ...
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  • 4 Ways To Reduce False Fire Alarms

    4 ways to reduce false fire alarms image
    According to the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, approximately 23% of all Fire Department responses in Ontario are false fire alarms.  False fire alarms present a significant safety risk for firefighters, and could leave you responsible for a significant fine from the fire department.  Because of this, it’s critical that you make an effort to reduce ...
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  • Tech Tips Video: How to Arm and Disarm a DSC Maxsys 4020 Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring Panel

    The DSC 4020 Maxsys Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring System is designed for commercial applications like schools, commercial properties, industrial facilities and more.  Arming the system secures your facility and allows signals to be sent to our ULC-listed, Five Diamond Certified security monitoring Signals Receiving Centre in the event of an intrusion at your business. In ...
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  • Advanced CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

    CCTV Video management systems have undergone quite the evolution in recent years, making them as good as (or in some cases even better than) the access control systems and security monitoring systems. Not too long ago, when the access control system – quite simply a system that selectively restricts access to a place or other ...
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  • New Year, New Alarm System: Why You Should Make The Investment

    Buying A New Alarm System
    With the dawn of a new year now upon us, it is an excellent time to re-evaluate your business security needs, which might potentially necessitate buying a new alarm system. Criminals are always at work looking for suitable targets to seize upon. But businesses equipped with security systems—complete with alarms, surveillance cameras and motion detection ...
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Testimonial & Case Study

  • "Fire Monitoring of Canada impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but resolved existing service issues with another alarm service provider." - Administrative Coordinator
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  • "Their monitoring & service personnel are knowledgeable, helpful and responsible." - Facilities Manager
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  • "The FMC technician was exceptionally professional in the performance of his duties. He was very organized, focused, safety minded" - Asset Manager
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