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  • How To Check For an Open Zone on a DSC Maxsys 4020 System

    DSC Maxsys 4020 Commercial Security Alarm Panels are used in commercial and industrial facilities to provide high-level security intrusion alarm monitoring.  This commercial security alarm monitoring system is armed and disarmed via the keypad, however this system cannot be armed if zones are in an “open” state.  This Tech Tip will show you how to ...
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  • What is Managed Access Control and Hosted Access Control?

    When we think about access control system, we think about card readers, magnetic locks, electric strikes, biometric readers and other devices which are attached to door to control access into and out of buildings.  These system are effective at controlling entry, securing specific areas of buildings and making key management a much easier process – ...
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  • Using Remote CCTV Video Monitoring to Reduce False Alarms and False Dispatches

    False alarms from security alarm systems are a problem.  False alarms from intrusion monitoring systems are frustrating for end users who are woken up in the middle of the night with calls from their alarm company, and they can be costly in terms of fees and fines from police and guard response.  This doesn’t even ...
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  • 4 Ways Your Employees Can Prevent False Alarms

    Few things are as annoying as false alarms. In the workplace, they could force all of your workers to exit the property – regardless of the weather – until there is verification as to whether there is an emergency or not. 27 In addition to the possible inconvenience that false alarms can cost, there may ...
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  • 5 Best Locations For Placing Outdoor CCTV Cameras

    When looking to secure your commercial property against possible break-ins, one of your best courses of action is to install CCTV security cameras. CCTV, which stands for closed-circuit television, is a term that refers to a TV system that emits signals that are monitored either in-house or by a third party for security or surveillance ...
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