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  • 5 Tips for Buying a Commercial CCTV Camera System

    CCTV commercial video surveillance systems have grown in popularity in the past 5 years, as the capabilities of systems have grown, and the costs of CCTV systems has declined.  Using video to provide enhanced security for their commercial properties or protection against incidents such as slips and falls has become a more common building feature, ...
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  • All You Need To Know About Security Cameras

    Crimes happen every day; but on a more positive note, security cameras are used to identify and arrest suspects in about half of these incidents. Indeed, the right choice of camera can be a great force against burglars. Besides helping to identify and arrest suspects, the mere sight of security cameras can be a great ...
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  • ULC Fire Monitoring Mitigates Commercial Property Loss

    We’ve outlined in previous blog posts reasoning behind getting ULC fire alarm monitoring.  This can be for building code reasons, fire code reasons, or simple peace of mind that a system is being monitored for fire.  Yet another reason to get ULC fire alarm monitoring is to mitigate the damage that could occur in the ...
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  • 7 Confusing Terms When Choosing A Security System

    Think of how invasive it would feel to come or arrive at your office to find there was a break-in. The security alarm industry offers such a wide selection of systems with varying features and functions that picking a security system for your home or business can often feel overwhelming. It is extremely important that ...
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  • Know Your By-Law: Durham Regional Police Response for Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

    In this series, FMC will outline false alarm by-laws for alarm response in cities in areas that FMC provides service and monitoring for commercial intrusion alarm monitoring for many types of businesses in Durham Region. Today, we are going to look at the alarm response policies for security alarm monitoring systems for businesses and homes ...
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