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Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Now Mandatory in Ontario – Get them Monitored, Too

Carbon Monoxide DetectorDid you know that having carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home and multi-residential units in the Province of Ontario is now mandatory?  Well, as of October 15, 2014, they are.

From the Ontario Provincial Government Website:

Carbon monoxide detectors will now be required near all sleeping areas in residential homes and in the service rooms, and adjacent sleeping areas in multi-residential units. Carbon monoxide alarms can be hardwired, battery-operated or plugged into the wall.

Like fire, an alarm generated from a carbon monoxide detector is potentially life threatening.  However, where fire can be very apparent, the opposite is true for carbon monoxide:  it is colourless and odorless, meaning that alarms received from these devices should be treated seriously. A build-up of Carbon Monoxide can reach dangerous to fatal levels in minutes making time of the essence in reacting to these alarms.

One way to add another layer of peace of mind with this deadly gas is to have the carbon monoxide detector remotely monitored.  This means that there is an assurance that in the event of an activation of these alarms, emergency personnel will be notified, even if people in the house are incapacitated by the effects of the CO.

FMC can install monitored carbon monoxide detectors as additional zones on your existing security system, or even the existing fire alarm or sprinkler monitoring panel, and have these signals transmitted to our ULC-listed monitoring centre.  As a CSAA Five Diamond Certified company, we adhere to the CSAA Best Practice for CO Monitoring, and follow well established protocols to ensure we avoid false alarms, but get emergency personnel en route as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to find out more about Carbon Monoxide monitoring, and how we can provide additional peace of mind.

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