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How Card Access Can Make Key Management Easier

Many businesses are looking for options outside traditional key and lock systems. Regardless of the size of your business, key management can take time and money. A card access system offers businesses a way to increase security, manage access to multiple sites, quickly and efficiently take care of issues that arise and increase control. Updating your key management technology is crucial to growing and maintaining your business. Keep reading for more information on how card access technology can make key management easier.

Card Access Makes Key Management Easier

Easily access control software

Managing accessibility of many employees to your building is difficult without a portal containing all the information you need. A card access provider that hosts servers on a cloud will allow you to access data at your convenience while connected to the internet. This means you can grant access to your building, add or remove users and much more from any location and any internet connected device, such as your laptop or smartphone.

Managed multiple buildings

If you have multiple buildings to manage, it can be hard to keep track. Card access software helps you to manage access to each of your individual business’s sites at your convenience. For new employees, and for those leaving, this makes for a smoother and more secure transition process. A single database hosting access information for each of your building sites will make key management easier.

Increased security

There are many security issues that can arise from a traditional key system. Card access software keeps a history of data such as those who no longer have access to your building. The cloud system maintains this data even in the event of a computer system failure. Lastly, card access keys are much more difficult to copy than traditional keys, ensuring you won’t risk unwarranted distribution of keys to your building.

Other issues

Card access makes any other issues that arise easier to manage. For example, if an employee loses a key, you can simply deactivate the lost card and provide the employee with a new one. If a traditional key is lost, it will be much more difficult to track down and could risk falling into the hands of someone who poses a threat to your building’s security.

Key management can cost you time and money when you’re using a traditional lock and key system. Using a card access system can help you to more easily access your data and control who enters or exits your business whenever and wherever. As well, you’ll experience increased security and the ability to more easily resolve issues such as lost keys. If you’re on the fence about whether a card access system is right for you, keep the above information in mind on how card access will make key management easier.

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