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Tech Tips: Change DSC Power Series Wireless Motion Battery

Hi, and welcome to Fire Monitoring of Canada’s Tech Tips video. In this video we’re going to teach you how to remove a battery from a DSC WS4904P Wireless Motion Detector for a Power Series Security Alarm System.  This applies if your have your commercial security alarm system monitored at FMC.



You may need to change a battery at some point in the life of a DSC Power Series Security Alarm System wireless motion detector, usually every 4 or 5 years. This can prevent service calls and false alarms from your system.

  • Tools Needed:
    Small Phillips head screw driver
    Replacement battery (CR123 or 123A)

How to Change a Battery in a DSC Power Series Security Alarm System Wireless Motion Detector (WS4904P)

Call your security company prior to commencing any work.

  • DSC security system motion detectors are installed on a mounting plate for easy removal, so the first thing we have to do is take the unit off of that mounting plate.
  • On the bottom of the motion detector, there is a small screw. Use your Phillips head screw driver to remove the screw. Keep this in a safe place.
  • Your keypad may start to beep when removed from the wall. This normal.
  • Using one hand, firmly grip the motion detector and slide it up and off of the mounting plate.
  • On the back of the motion, at the bottom there is a small sliding door to the battery compartment. Using both your thumbs, slide the door off of the unit.
  • Remove both batteries and replace with the new CR123 battery.
  • Re-insert the rear battery door.
  • To re-insert the motion on the wall mount, line the holes on the rear of the motion detector up with the tabs on the mounting plate and slide the motion sensor down until you hear the click.
  • Call your monitoring station back to makes sure everything has reset. You may need to enter your code on the DSC Power Series Security System keypad acknowledge the tamper trouble that was caused by removing the unit from the wall.

That is it, you’re done!

Thank you for your time, please visit our website at fire-monitoring.com or contact us at 888-789-FIRE if you have any questions.

The instructions above are applicable for the following security alarm systems:
  • DSC-PC1616
  • DSC-PC1832
  • DSc-Pc1864

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