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Changes to Guelph Police Service Intrusion Alarm Response

To our valued Customers in Guelph, Ontario:

As of March 1st 2014, Guelph Police Service has amended its alarm response policy for all security and monitoring companies and its corresponding alarm fee schedule for alarm response.  In this new outline, all false alarm fees shall now be billed to Fire Monitoring of Canada (FMC), which we must in turn forward to you, the customer. An updated fee schedule has been sent to your premise for review.

Guelph Police Service will now require that all monitored intrusion (security) alarms are verified prior to police dispatch. Verified alarms will be dispatched to the first available Guelph Police Service two officer unit.  Alarms which are not verified will be processed at a lower level of response.  Guelph Police Service has defined verification of alarms as:

  • FMC establishing audio communication with the premises and has confirmed the need for emergency assistance; or
  • The premises has  activated the keypad panic authorization; or
  • FMC has established video contact with the premises and has observed a security breach; or
  • FMC has established contact with the premises owner and has confirmed that unauthorized activation of the premises  alarm   or has made at least two attempts, using two separate telephone numbers to contact the premises owner or authorized keyholder; or
  • FMC has confirmed the presence of cross zone activation at the premises (two independent alarm devices activated; or
  • FMC has confirmed that there is eye witness verification in support of the alarm.

In our daily practice, FMC has attempted to limit false alarms by using industry best practices, such as Enhanced Call Verification and keyholder calls prior to dispatching alarms.  However, this new false alarm protocol and fee schedule may require some changes to your existing protocol.  Your Customer Service Representative shall be in contact with you regarding this change, and any changes we may need to make with regards to your current alarm protocol to prevent false dispatches including:

  • Adding keyholders to your existing list; or
  • Adding Video Verification of Alarms; or
  • Utilizing a Guard Service; or
  • Adding alarm devices to your current system; or
  • Adding Annual Inspections to your current schedule of services; or
  • Any of the above

This blog contains information which can help limit false alarms. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and would be pleased to discuss this with you further.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

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