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Check Event Buffer on DSC PC4020 Maxsys Security Alarm

In today’s Tech Tip we’re going to how you how to check the event buffer on your DSC PC4020 Maxsys Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring System.

DSC Maxsys 4020 Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring KeypadThe DSC PC4020 Maxsys Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring System is designed for commercial intrusion alarm monitoring applications like schools, large commercial properties, industrial facilities, businesses and more.  The LCD keypad of your Maxsys commercial security alarm system allows you to review any events which occurred on the system through the “event buffer”.  This allows for troubleshooting of issues on the system, when alarms have gone off, or lets you check when the system has been armed or disarmed.

Steps to View the Event Buffer on a DSC Maxsys Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring System

Call your security company if you have any questions prior to proceeding

  • At the DSC Maxsys security keypad, enter your Master Code
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll to option 9, “Sys Mas Options”
  • Press the 9 key to select.
  • Press the 0 key on the “View Event Buff” Screen.You can then use the arrow keys to scroll through all events logged on the system. Each event will be stamped with a date and time.  Each item will provide info on the area or zone affected, and the date and time which it occurred.
  • Press the * key to look at a specific event.
  • To Exit , press the # key until you are returned to the home screen.

That’s it, you’re done!

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