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Commercial CCTV Video Security Systems – See the Difference in Quality Between IP HD & Analog Systems

At FMC, we have moved toward the installing more and more IP-based CCTV video surveillance systems in recent years in our customers businesses and commercial properties.  In fact, we have moved almost exclusively to these systems, and away from their old, analog counterparts.  One major reason for this shift is the simple improvement in overall quality of IP-based commercial CCTV video surveillance systems.  IP systems CCTV video surveillance systems can produce pictures at 1080p (high definition) resolutions, versus analog system which produce in resolutions nearing 540 “TV Lines” – something more akin to your old analog, tube television.

This is very important when talking about the security of your business and CCTV video surveillance, as cautpuring as much detail as possible is very important when attempting to get information from video captured by the commercial CCTV video surveillance system in your business.  Whether you’re looking for license plate recognition, facial recognition, or details on clothing or cars, newer IP CCTV video surveillance systems can provide much more than their old analog counterparts.

This video vividly shows the difference between the two types of systems.

For more information on how we can install a new IP CCTV video system in your commercial space or business, or how we might be able to retrofit your existing analog system to accommodate a new IP-based CCTV video surveillance system, please Contact us.

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