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What Is Commercial Intrusion Monitoring?

Keeping your commercial property safe takes work. Luckily, there are systems available that do the work for you so you don’t have to patrol the grounds yourself. With commercial intrusion monitoring you can keep your building, and more importantly, your employees, safe at all times.

What Is Commercial Intrusion Monitoring?

What Is Commercial Intrusion Monitoring?

Commercial intrusion monitoring is a security system put in place to protect commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail stores, laboratories, schools, hospitals and more. These systems are also called intrusion detection systems (IDS). The role of the system is to monitor a building for suspicious activity and send real-time alerts to professionally trained operators.

How Does This System Work?

The design of your commercial building will determine the devices used as part of any intrusion system. This being said, most systems consist of a combination motion detectors, glass break devices, beams, keypads and door contacts. There is a control panel where the system functions from and each security device is either hard-wired to it or communicates wirelessly. If an alarm is tripped or anything out of the ordinary is detected your commercial intrusion monitoring system will send a real-time alert to a professionally trained operator and in some instances your Smartphone. Alerts and alarms sent to the monitoring company’s headquarters are properly handled according to strict procedures to ensure that police or the appropriate personnel are dispatched if required.

What Are The benefits Of This Type Of System?

Commercial intrusion monitoring systems are able to tell the difference between good and bad traffic. This means that your system will know when an employee is supposed to be walking down a corridor and when someone has broken in. Additional information can be gathered through video verification of alarms from your commercial building. This is done through the use of CCTV cameras installed on your premises. Video Verification of alarms helps cut down on false alarms, which are a nuisance and can be a drain on the police service. Another great benefit of this kind of monitoring system is that it can send updates to you anywhere as long as you have a smart device. This can be through a service such as Alarm.com or through FMC’s NotifyMe application. Additionally, commercial intrusion security systems allow you to keep your building monitored 24/7. Because your system doesn’t need days off or require shift changes like hired security personnel, you can rest assured that your building is safe when no one is there, which is when most commercial break-ins occur.

Commercial intrusion monitoring is perfect for businesses of all sizes. For more information about installing a system on your premises, contact us today.

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