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Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring: Maintenance Doesn’t Stop at the Alarm Panel

update commercial security alarm monitoring contact listFor many people, their commercial security alarm monitoring system is like insurance; you don’t really think about until you need it.   Commercial security alarm monitoring systems are armed and disarmed daily and not given another thought until something happens.  There are several ways to ensure that your commercial security alarm monitoring system is working properly to include:  daily test signal transmissions, monthly testing and annual inspections by your alarm monitoring provider.  These actions can help to diagnose any problems there may be with the actual commercial security alarm monitoring equipment:  loss of communications, low battery conditions, wiring faults, trouble conditions, etc.   As we’ve noted previously, annual inspections of your equipment also helps to reduce false alarms by keeping your equipment in peak operating condition.

But what about the contact information for the keyholders of your system?  When you first signed up for monitoring, you supplied your service provider with a list of people and their phone numbers who would be contacted by the monitoring station (SRC) in the event of an alarm from your premises if you cannot be reached.  These contacts are people who you have put in a position of trust to give instructions to the alarm monitoring provider, and possibly to attend your premises to verify the alarm, or even to meet emergency responders.


It is important to ask:  Is this information still valid?  For residential clients, ask yourself the following questions:  Have you changed your cellular telephone number recently?  Has your contact number at work changed?  Did someone on your list change their phone number?  Has someone on the list moved away and they would no longer be able to attend your premises in a timely manner if contacted?  Has there been the unfortunate passing of someone on your list?   For commercial security alarm monitoring clients an additional question to be asked would be:  Is there anyone on the list who doesn’t work here anymore?

Out of date information can cause a delay in responding to your alarm if SRC Operators encounter out-of-service telephone numbers, or people who no longer live nearby, and have to continue making calls until they come to a valid number. This can delay response to an alarm from your business.


An option that you may want to consider is contracting Guard Response to your premises, and adding them to your keyholder list.  Some clients have opted to have a Guard Company respond rather than a private individual, especially in those municipalities where the police will not respond to a burglar alarm call until it has been verified that there are signs of an actual break-in.  Your alarm monitoring service provider can assist you in finding a Guard Response company in your area.

At FMC, we try to be proactive in getting updated keyholder information from our commercial security alarm monitoring clients, however we can’t be in your business at all times and aware of all changes.  It is best to keep your monitoring service provider in mind, and notify them immediately of any changes to your list.   This will help us in our goal to reduce false dispatches of police to your business and improve the level of service we provide to you for your commercial security alarm monitoring system.

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