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Communicating with our Customers is Essential to Providing Security Service with Integrity

REQUEST FOR SERVICE ALARM MONITORINGIn the past in this space, we’ve written about our commitment to providing our customers with what we like to call “Service with Integrity”.  In short, what this is means is that for any of our customers we aim to provide a level of service which is open, honest, true to your facility and efficient.  This is true whether we provide ULC fire alarm monitoring, ULC fire sprinkler alarm monitoring, commercial intrusion alarm monitoring, CCTV video surveillance, card access control or any other service to you.

This extends not only to fire alarm monitoring or commercial intrusion alarm monitoring in our ULC-listed monitoring station, but also to the ongoing service, repair and inspections of these systems throughout the life of the system.  This also applies to our commercial CCTV video systems and card access systems.

It is inevitable that at some point during the life of your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system, fire alarm monitoring system or other system (hopefully years down the road!) that an FMC technician will need to attend to service your system.  This could be to replace a battery in your ULC fire alarm monitoring system or to check on a false alarming motion detector in your commercial intrusion alarm monitoring system.  During this process our model of providing our clients with “Service with Integrity” ensures that our techs are open and honest about the work they need to do, and the time it will take to complete that work.

Improving Communication with our Customers for their Security Service Requests is Vital

Another important aspect which we think is very important to ensure this level of service is an open two-way form of communication as it relates to your service requests.  When you call or e-mail into our service department and make a request for service, we create that ticket on the spot.  If you are able to provide us with your e-mail, when that ticket is created you will receive an automated e-mail from our service department.  This e-mail will contain the details of the service request, the ticket # and more useful information on the request you have just submitted.  A technician will follow-up with you to coordinate timing for the service call for access to get it completed.

Once on site, our technicians all carry with the Field Service Units (FSUs).  These FSUs communicate with our service ticketing system in real time, and when the service ticket has been resolved, you will recieve updates in real-time.  This means that you will receive an e-mail letting you know the work has been completed, what time it was completed, what caused the issue and the steps taken to resolve that issue.  This ensures you’re being kept up-to-date on the status of your service request.  You’re busy, and there’s no reason why you should have to follow-up with us, or have to wonder what is going on with the service of your system.

At any time, you can simply respond to these e-mails if you have any questions or wish to make any corrections to the information.  This will go to our service department and be handled as soon as possible.

We’re Still Working to Get Better at Communicating with our Customers

Keeping you up to date on the service requests for our customers, whether that is for ULC fire alarm monitoring, commercial intrusion alarm monitoring, CCTV video or card access is an issue which is very important to us, and these are but two ways that we try and keep our clients up-to-date on their system. This is an ongoing process for us, so you can expect more improvements in the future!

For more information on our initiatives with regards to “Service with Integrity”, please Contact Us, and we’d be happy to share!

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