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Do I Need to Post my ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring Certificate in My Building?

One of the most common questions we get here at Fire Monitoring of Canada about ULC fire monitoring is about the actual ULC certificate itself.  The question is usually something along the lines of: “Do I need to post the ULC certificate for my ULC-S561 compliant fire alarm monitoring system in my building, and if so where does it say I need to do this?”.  If you’ve ever had to ask yourself this question, don’t worry… you’re not alone!  We get this question from all sorts of building and property managers and operators, fire alarm companies, and even fire prevention officials.

Do I Need to Post my ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring Certificate in My Building

Do I Need to Post my ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring Certificate in My Building?

As we pointed out in previous blog posts, the ULC-S561 fire alarm monitoring certificate is the only physical proof that the fire alarm monitoring system in your building is compliant with the ULC-S561 standard for fire alarm monitoring.  A security or monitoring company can write you as many letters as they want, but without the ULC certificate, the fire monitoring system is not truly ULC-listed.  In order to confirm this, the certificate must be installed in the building.  Usually, this certificate is left by the monitoring panel itself, but it can occasionally be left by the fire panel, if those pieces of equipment are in different locations.

Where does it say I need to Post my ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring Certificate in Within the Building?

This is the other half of the question which is often asked when people ask about posting the ULC certificate.  What people asking my not know is that the ULC-S561 standard and the certificate program are two separate items.  The ULC-S561 standard details how to provide ULC fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring in every detail – from SRC construction to communication pathways to signal handling, to ULC fire monitoring panel installation.  The ULC certificate program is what verifies that all of this work is done correctly, through a certification and inspection process.  Sites are certified, which then opens them up for inspection by ULC staff who verify that the work is done properly.

Part of this ULC certificate program details that the certificate must be posted on site.  This means that the requirement for the certificate to be posted on site is written on the certificate itself, not within the standard.  Posting the ULC-S561 certificate on site is a requirement of certification,  not a requirement in the standard.

So the short answer to the question of if you need to post the ULC certificate on site is a resounding “Yes”.  The short answer to “where does it say this” is “on the certificate”.  Hopefully this helps out anyone looking to get a ULC fire alarm monitoring certificate to prove they meet the ULC-S561 standard.

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