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Everything You Need To Know About Copper Theft

If you thought that criminals were only after your cash and equipment, intellectual property, and any data needed to commit identity theft, think again. The truth is that many thieves target commercial properties in search of copper. Yes, copper. And when you consider that many things on your property consist of or contain copper, you can appreciate how your property could represent a treasure trove of easy money for thieves on the lookout for copper.

Copper Theft

In order to help deter would be thieves from stealing copper from your property, you can install intrusion alarm monitoring and CCTV video systems (which can also be monitored in real-time), so that thieves don’t walk off with your copper, or any of your other assets. What is copper theft? Here’s a brief overview of what it is and how your business could be impacted:
It’s Everywhere

One of the problems when it comes to copper theft is that copper is just about everywhere. Whether it’s your plumbing, heating, and cooling equipment, your overhead phone lines, your wiring, your employee-of-the-month plaques, and any number of other things, thieves looking for copper won’t have a hard time finding it. This means that you have to be vigilant so that your commercial property is an undesirable target for copper thieves. With intrusion alarm monitoring, you’ll be able to detect if anyone’s snooping around on your property.

It’s Dangerous

Copper theft is a potentially dangerous enterprise. For instance, copper thieves who attempt to steal copper from your company’s power outlets and power lines can potentially be electrocuted. In the event that the thieves steal copper that is underground on your commercial property, the repair people who are called in to remedy the problem could also be at risk of electrocution or other problems.

It’s Profitable

One of the reasons copper theft is so common is that copper commands a tidy sum these days. A few years ago, for instance, police in Windsor, Ontario intercepted the plans of a Chrysler worker who planned to steal around 5,800 pounds of copper, worth $85,000. This is just one example of the huge profits that can be realized through copper theft, and the sums that can be saved by preventing copper theft, with security measures like intrusion alarm monitoring.

If you have a commercial property, copper theft can be a real problem. Thieves will try to steal just about anything of value, including your copper, so intrusion alarm monitoring, and CCTV video systems should be a top priority to prevent this.

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