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Fire Monitoring of Canada Sustainability Update

As another year at FMC has come and gone, it is time Sustainable FMC Logoto provide an update on our sustainability efforts in the past year, and where we will be going in the coming year.  Sustainability is something that we feel is a very important aspect to our business, and something that we will continue as a focus on in the future.  In terms of hard data, we are finishing compiling that information, and we will post that in about a week’s time when we have finished compiling the data and are able to compare it to previous years’ performance.  In the meantime, where are some projects we undertook in 2015, and what we’re looking forward to in 2016:

Completed Sustainability Projects:

  • Moved Towards Digitization of All Records
    • In 2015, we implemented several processes which significantly reduced our need to use paper for our day-to-day business. We outfitted all of our technical staff with Field Service Units which remove the need to carry paper for service tickets and sign-off.  This has not only significantly reduced our paper usage but made us more efficient, and will continue to do that in 2016 (more on that later).  Additionally, we’ve digitized all of our past records and implemented the ability to e-mail invoices and service tickets rather than mail copies.  If this is something you’d like to look into for your company, please Contact Us.
  • Replaced Light Switches in Common Areas
    • In order to try and reduce our power consumption, we replaced all light switches around our offices in “common areas” (Copy rooms, File Rooms, Training Rooms, Bathrooms, etc.) with motion activated light switches. This will ensure that lights being turned on will not be left on for significant amounts of time past when the room is being used.
  • Idle Time Monitoring
    • Through our fleet tacking system, we’ve been able to monitor idle times on all of our fleet technical vehicles and work towards a reduction in idle times. Over the past 6 months, making our group aware of idle times has shown a reduction in them, though we still have room to grow on this front.
  • More Efficient Heating and Cooling
    • We’ve worked towards more efficient heating and cooling in our offices, which include better air conditioning units, programmable thermostats and other behavioural factors around the office which will improve the energy usage in our office.

Things we have plan for 2016:

  • Continued Optimization of our Operations
    • Through a new partnership with our fleet tracking provider and our servicing functions, we will begin tracking how effective and efficient we are in getting to our customers for installations, servicing and inspections for all of our customers. We hope to begin this analysis within the next month, with corrective action soon to follow, utilizing our Field Service Units.
  • Replacement of all lighting with LED Equivalents
    • In 2016 we’ll begin transitioning our office lighting from fluorescent lighting to their LED equivalents. LED lighting is 30% more efficient and we will focus on areas which require lighting 24/7/365 to begin with (such as our ULC listed Signal Receiving Centre).
  • Reducing IT Equipment
    • We will begin projects which reduce the amount of IT equipment we use in our day-to-day operations, while keeping in line with ULC requirements for alarm monitoring and handling. This will mean a reduction in overall power consumption and a reduction in heat produced, which will require less cooling.
  • Hiring of a Sustainability Lead
    • Through our partnership with the Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI), we will be hiring a lead on our Sustainability efforts whose sole responsibility will be to create and direct our sustainability efforts. This will include work place audits, waste management, and program development.  We look forward to bringing this person on board to assist in our efforts.

This work would not be possible without our partnership with NSI and our participation in the Carbon Project, and we thank them for all of their expertise.  We hope to continue to move forward in 2016 and set realistic 10 year goals for carbon reduction for ourselves by the end of 2016 so that we may continue to build on what we have started!  Carbon Project Logo - Niagara Sustainability Initiative

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