Fire Systems & Services

Your building’s fire alarm system is responsible for providing detection and notification of a fire and other emergencies. This system is integral to notifying building occupants of a fire and prompting them to evacuate the building quickly.

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Full-Service Fire Alarm Systems

We are a Siemens Value-Added Partner and fully equipped to install and service a wide range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, fire detectors, signalling devices, accessories, and service tools for your facility. All of the products we utilize are ULC approved, and will be installed by our talented team of CFAA Technicians, ensuring that your system adheres to all applicable building and fire code requirements.

Fire Monitoring

We are an industry leader in fire alarm monitoring throughout the country. Through our robust solutions, we can connect your building to our ULC-Listed Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) in order to notify and dispatch the correct authorities in the event that your fire alarm system is triggered.

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Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system is responsible for warning people when fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide related emergencies are detected. These alarms can be activated through a variety of devices, and are a critical tool to ensure your building’s occupants are notified and prompted to evacuate the building.

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Our experienced team of CFAA Technicians will provide you with a professional installation that will ensure that your system meets all of your applicable fire and building code requirements.

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Fire Alarm Inspections

We will provide regular maintenance to your fire alarm system, ensuring that it is operating as intended and without any deficiencies. To achieve this, your fire alarm system must be inspected on an annual basis in order to adhere to the Fire Code and be in conformance with CAN/ULC-S536.

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