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Five Benefits Of Card Access

Besides being used in research facilities and high-tech labs, card access is quickly becoming the norm for commercial properties. Card access is a safety measure that allows people to come and go from any building by swiping or touching a card to a reader. The reader interprets the card and then lets that person enter the building through an automated door or turnstile (if card access is used in a building’s lobby).

Benefits Of Card Access

There are many benefits to card access, such as:

  1. Having a record of everything: With card access, when someone swipes their card, it is recorded. This allows you to easily keep track of an employee’s history of entry to your business. You also have access to real-time information and stored information. For example, you’ll know exactly when and at which entry point an employee has come and gone.
  2. Decreased liability: With traditional key and lock entry, if an employee loses a key, it’s a security risk. Anyone can take the key and enter the building. If a key is lost or stolen you will have to change locks and have new keys cut. With card access, each employee is liable for their card. However, should a card get lost and someone finds it and tries to access the building, you can simply cancel that card as soon as it’s reported missing.
  3. Temporary access: If your business employs temporary or contract workers or you need to grant entry to clients or visitors, card access allows you to do that. You can allow anyone access for as long as you want. Whether you need to give a client a card to enter the building for a day or construction workers to come and go for a month, card systems let you do this.
  4. Reduced utility costs: A card system can be integrated into your building’s existing security management system. For instance, the card system can be programmed to shut off lights at certain times, control room temperature, etc. You can also allow your card access to a system to connect to a CCTV camera for added security.
  5. Protection of employees and property: The most important part of having a card access system in place is that it protects your employees and property. With controlled entry, no one can enter your business without a card, and you reduce the risk of theft and crime. This is especially relevant if you have employees who work different hours. Employees that come in at the crack of dawn and employees that work late into the night are protected from people coming in off the streets and causing trouble.

If you’re worried about the cost of converting your building to a card access system, don’t be because you’ll often save money in the long run, and are improving piece of mind. You’re making an investment in the safety of your employees and property that is second to none.

One thought on “Five Benefits Of Card Access

  1. I hadn’t thought about it, but you do make a good point about key cards decreasing liability. A lost, physical key could be a huge security risk for your building. At least if someone loses their access card then you can just render that individual card unusable.

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