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A Green FMC

Here at FMC, we understand that concern for the environment is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.  Climate change and declining resources are but two of the myriad of issues that are concerning to the general population as time moves on.  Study after study is showing the impacts that we are having on our planet.  At FMC, we recognize these concerns, and are doing our part where we are able to reduce our own footprint. Here are just a few of the things we are doing to help reduce our carbon footprint and become a better global corporate citizen:

Electronics Recycling

On a day-to-day basis, our service technicians repair and replace old and malfunctioning equipment in customer’s facilities, most of this being electronic equipment.  What becomes of this equipment when it leaves your property?  FMC has partnered with Niagara E-Waste , a local electronics recycling firm to properly and securely dispose of electronic, plastic and metallic parts so that they may be recycles.  Niagara E-Waste ensures that sensitive material that is recycled is securely held and destroyed beyond recovery prior to recycling. All returned and defective parts at FMC are recycled in this manner, in addition to any other equipment which requires disposal (computers, servers, phones, etc.)

Equipment Upgrades

FMC has begun consolidating its processes to require less IT space.  By utilizing new technology, FMC is able to do “more with less”, and reduce our overall energy use.  With less equipment in play, less energy is required to run the equipment.  With less equipment comes less heat output, which means less energy is used for cooling our IT rooms.  As well, FMC has recently upgraded the lighting fixtures throughout our offices to energy efficient units, reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Geographically-Centred Staff

As FMC covers a large area, the need to service this territory becomes crucial.  In our servicing strategy, FMC geographically centralizes its technicians where possible to reduce drive times and keep the use of fossil fuels low.  This also improves customer service response times and intimate system knowledge of your location – a benefit to any servicing requirement. We use GPS locating equipment to find a technician closest to your facility to help in this regard as well.

Digitized Records and Billing

FMC has instituted new software which allows us to digitize all of our records keeping, including billing and customer reports.  This reduces the amount of paper which we use in our offices.  To inquire about electronic billing, please call us at 888-789-FIRE.

FSC-Certified Paper

Despite our best efforts, paper is still required for some records keeping and notice.  FMC chooses to purchase paper which is Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, which ensures that the paper used comes from sustainably managed forests.

These are but a few of the day-to-day things we do to do our part with the environment.  We have more projects in the works which will not only improve our carbon footprint, but will provide benefit to you, the customer.  We’ll update you as these projects come to fruition.

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