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How Card Access Can Make Key Management Easier

Simplify Key Management With Card AccessWhile it has traditionally been the preferred way of safeguarding businesses, the lock and key method that aims to restrict facility access to those who have authorization is not without its flaws. For instance, if a key is lost or stolen, it might potentially warrant the costly exercise of changing the locks on your business in order to prevent unwanted access. With card access, however, the solution to a lost access card could be as simple as deactivating any lost or stolen cards. This means that locks won’t necessarily have to be changed, and this can save time and money as well as lessen stress.

Read on for a look at how card access can make key management easier. You’ll see that it can help you to better protect your facility, equipment and other property in a way that’s more efficient than the lock and key method.

Access Control Software

With card access, you’ll be able to manage who can enter your facility more easily. Your solution provider will offer a portal that contains data pertaining to who has access to your building. You’ll be able to access this portal to easily add users or remove users, which will be useful in situations where new workers are hired or existing workers leave your company. And because you’ll be able to access the portal online, you’ll be able to update the list from virtually anywhere you can access the Internet, often even from an app on your phone.

Enhanced Security

As was mentioned before, one of the problems with the lock and key system is that it can be compromised pretty easily if keys are lost or stolen. But with a card access system, you’ll have an added layer of security. The system will retain information on people who can no longer access your facility, and this list will remain in place and intact even if you encounter an unfortunate system failure situation. As well, access cards that are used in card access systems are a lot harder to copy than are regular keys, so you won’t face the same risks with people trying to make copies of the access card as you might with people seeking to make copies of regular keys.

Easier to Manage

If a worker loses a key or if a key is stolen, you may have to install new locks. But with a card access system, you can easily deactivate any lost or stolen card access keys by going into the portal and deactivating any card or cards you need to. This will cut down on stress and make it easier to safeguard your business. And the days of having to physically retrieve keys from people who no longer work for your company will be a thing of the past.

When it comes to protecting your business interests, you definitely need to consider access control systems. Card access can give you a greater degree of protection than can traditional access control methods, so it’s something you should consider if you either need to replace or implement an access control system.

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