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How to Get More out of Your DSC Power Series Neo Security System in 3 Examples

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Business Security SystemIn previous blog posts, we have discussed how to get more out of your commercial security alarm system.  Specifically, the new DSC Power Series Neo system coupled with the impressive range of its wireless devices and its direct integration with Alarm.com can help you get more out of your investment and provide greater value from the system beyond “just” security.  It can help improve your business and business efficiency.  Here are three quick examples of how you can leverage a DSC Neo security system to help improve how your business runs:

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Keep Your Food and Drink Fresher with Wireless Temperature Sensors

Many businesses need to keep food at a certain temperature for maximum taste and freshness.  Think about something like produce needed in a restaurant, or the need to keep beer at a specific temperature to maintain its taste. Using the new DSC Neo, and one of their wireless temperature sensors, you can ensure that anything that needs to stay at a specific temperature stays at that temperature, and if it does move from that you can get a notice right away through an integration with alarm.com.

Securing Side Doors In Your Facility 24/7

Many facilities with public access – such as storage facilities – try and control the flow of customers through controller access points to enhance the security of their building.  However, once inside the building, the customer generally has free run of the building, and fire codes requirements mandate exitable emergency exits throughout the building. Often, the “intrusion system” isn’t extended throughout the entire building since the “public sections” are often open 24/7/365.  To secure these side doors, wireless sensors can be placed on them and alerts set up through alarm.com which provide notification if the doors are opened or propped open.  This ensures you know every time these doors are opened so the security of your business is maintained.

Reduce Energy Costs Through Real-Time Notifications from Your Security System

The cost to heat and cool your business can be significant, particularly in today’s escalating electricity environment. Having doors and windows left open can cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket during the summer and winter months as heat (or coolness) escapes.  Through and Alarm.com integration with your DSC Neo system, you can get real time notifications if a door or window is opened, and left open, for an extended – and definable – amount of time.  This can help address energy consumptions issues and help change corporate culture as it relates to energy waste and management – all while saving you significant money.

Click Here To Soeak with an Expert About Getting More Out of Your Security System!

These are just three ways you can leverage your DSC Neo system to “do more” for you than “just” security…the possibilities for your business are numerous. Security alarm systems can now do so much more for your business, it’s time to leverage that investment and see what more it can do for you.

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