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Installations, Service Calls and Inspections – We Test Our Work!

technical servicesBy now, you know of Fire Monitoring of Canada’s commitment to “Service with Integrity”.  If you haven’t heard about our commitment to this ideal, you can read about it HERE.

Part of this commitment to providing you with a high level of service is ensuring that the work that we do on your site is working properly, that means that we need to test our work. This is true regardless of whether or not we are doing an inspection of your fire alarm monitoring or security alarm monitoring system, a routine (or non-routine) service call, or a new installation.  We want to ensure that the work we do is properly verified prior to our technicians leaving your site.

Being a full-service ULC-listed security and monitoring provider, having our own ULC-listed monitoring station allows us to maintain a high level of accountability and control over your system, without the barriers that can exist between a third party monitoring provider and an installing company.

Here are some of the ways that you can expect us to test our work while on site at your premise:

 Fire Alarm Monitoring

 If one of our CFAA-certified technicians arrives to your site to service or inspect your fire alarm monitoring system, or to install a new system, they will need to properly test the signals to our monitoring station.  This means that they will need to generate an actual fire alarm on your fire alarm panel.  Our technician will pull a pull station in the building, and “ring the bells”.   This is different than a technician “shorting out” the contacts in the fire alarm panel or the FMC fire monitoring transmitter.  “Shorting out” contacts only simulates the activation of the fire alarm system, and does not prove the whole system is working properly. Much like how a ULC Certificate is the only way to verify that your site is compliant with ULC-S561, activating the fire alarm system is the only way to properly prove the system is working. Similarly, we’ll generate an actual trouble condition or supervisory condition on the fire alarm panel.  This may mean you’ll need to notify your tenants or employees that the bells in your building are going to be ringing while we’re there.

If we monitor a sprinkler system, our process is similar.  We will generate a water flow alarm by opening the test valve on your sprinkler system.  We will also lower the pressure on the system to generate a pressure alarm, and open and close the gate valves in order to properly test those zones as well.  Again, you may need to notify tenants or employees prior to our arrival or while we’re on site.

 Security Alarm Monitoring

 In a similar fashion to fire alarm monitoring, if we are on site to service your security Should we monitor the security or intrusion alarm for your business or commercial property, we will need to properly test our work.  This means arming an activating the security zone that we are working on to ensure it is properly received in our ULC-listed monitoring station.  We can disconnect the siren during this process if needed, however if it is a new installation, we would keep the siren connected to ensure its proper functionality.

 CCTV Video Surveillance

 If we have installed a CCTV video surveillance system in your facility, whether it is IP or analog, our technicians will ensure the video which is being recorded on your system is to your satisfaction. If the picture is not how you would like it to look, we will make adjustments to ensure we capture exactly what you’re looking for.  We will also perform a walk test of the camera(s) and a review of the subsequent recordings to ensure that the motion detection and recording of the camera is working properly.

We aim to provide you with the level of service that you deserve and respect. Standing behind our work – and testing it properly – and providing Service with Integrity is at the core of what we do. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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