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Know Your By-Law: Oakville Fire Department & Fire Alarm Monitoring False Alarms

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring in Oakville

Oakville Ontario Fire Alarm monitoringFMC provides service and monitoring for commercial fire alarm monitoring and fire sprinkler alarm monitoring systems in the Town of Oakville.  Oakville is located in Halton Region, along Lake Ontario and is home to over 180,000 residents.  Serviced by the Oakville Fire Department, this thriving city has many fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems that have a requirement to be monitored to CAN/ULC-S561 under the Ontario Fire Code. These are located in condominiums, nursing homes, hospitals, industrial facilities, and many other types of buildings which would require fire alarm monitoring.  Oakville Fire Department has developed a cost recovery procedure for alarms which they deem false.  That fee schedule is below:

Fire Alarm False Alarm Fee Schedule from Oakville Fire Department:

  • False Alarm per address: $410.00

Oakville Fire Department Fire Alarm Fee Schedule:


Oakville Fire Department Website:


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