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Know Your Security Alarm & Fire Alarm False Alarm By-Law: Barrie Police & Fire

Barrie Ontario Security Alarm MonitoringIn this post, we’re going to look at the alarm response policies and fees in the City of Barrie.  Located north of Toronto on highway 400, Barrie is one of Ontario’s fastest growing cities.  With a dedicated Police and Fire service, there are many businesses and facilities which require fire alarm monitoring, sprinkler monitoring and have security alarm systems monitored in their business or commercial property.   We’ll detail the alarm response policies in Barrie below:

Security Alarm System Response Policy from Barrie Police Service:

Registration Required:  Yes – No.

False Alarms (per Calendar Year):

1st False Alarm:  $0.00

2nd False Alarm: $100.00 (paid by subscriber, suspension if not paid within 30 days)

3rd False Alarm: Suspension of service, which can be re-instated by paying a $200.00 fee.

4th False Alarm: Suspension of service, which can be re-instated by paying a $300.00 fee.

5th False Alarm:  Suspension of service for response to alarms for the rest of the calendar year which cannot be re-instated.

Fire Alarm Response Policy for Kingston Fire Department:

Per False Alarm:  $410.00

Full details on these policies can be viewed by following these links:

Barrie Police Security Alarm Response Policy:


Barrie Fire Alarm Response Policy/By-Law:


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