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Mobile Apps & Security Alarm Monitoring

Android Smartphone AppAs technology progresses, the ability of business owners and home owners to maintain real-time connection with their home and business security systems has become easier and easier through the use of Mobile Apps. Whether it be through your Android Device, iPhone or (less frequently) Blackberry, the ability to “look in” and control the systems installed in your business is slowly becoming the “norm”.
It should be said: there is no substitute for a trained, experienced security professional monitoring and acting on your behalf in the event of an alarm or event in your facility. However, the ability to remotely view and control the systems on site allows for more informed decisions to be made when alarms do occur. Mobile apps are currently available for residential and commercial intrusion systems, CCTV systems and access control systems. These apps typically give you access to the following for your:


Intrusion System:
– Arm & Disarm the alarm system
– Add users
– Check on Zone Status
– Bypass Zones
– E-mail Alerts on events
– E-mail Video and pictures on events (if CCTV is present)

CCTV Video Surveillance System:
– Review (Playback) Video
– Live Feed Review of the CCTV system
– Remote Control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Access Control/Card Reader System:
– Remote locking/unlocking of Doors
– Add/Remove Users
– Disable cards
– Report Generation

As you can see, this allows more freedom than ever before for security managers. Some of these services require the remote hosting of data, which may incur additional charges, but also reduces the likelihood of data loss, and increases the “uptime” of the remote capabilities of the system.

At FMC, we work with several providers who can provide this service for intrusion alarm systems – Telguard HomeControl, Alarm.com, and Honeywell’s Total Connect service.   This ensures that no matter the type of aalarm system in your home or business, FMC likely has the ability to add mobile services to your account. Other apps for access (such as Kantech’s Entrapass Go) and video (such as Exacq’s Exacq Mobile) are generally product specific, so please ask us for details.

FMC has the ability to offer these remote services to you and your security platform. Please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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