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Our Needs for a ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring Installation

When installing a fire alarm system, many times we are asked what is required from the “customers” end for us to install our ULC-listed fire monitoring equipment.  While FMC does provide most of the equipment required to monitor the fire alarm or sprinkler system in your premises, there are some items that must be provided for us when we arrive.  These items can include:

Fire Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory Contacts in your fire alarm panel

FMC does not receive specific zone annunciation from your fire alarm panel telling us where exactly the fire is coming from in your building; rather, we get general fire trouble and supervisory (if available) conditions which are created on a set of dry contacts.  These contacts must be provided for us by your fire alarm service company, and are usually already present in a ULC-listed fire alarm control panel.  In rare circumstances, these contacts are used for other fire alarm duties (fan shut down, elevator recall, etc).

Dry Contacts for Flow, Pressure and Gate Valve on your Sprinkler System

Just as with a fire alarm panel, FMC requires switches to determine which conditions are present on your sprinkler system, if we are to connect directly to the sprinkler system (in situation where a fire alarm panel and a sprinkler exist in the same facility, FMC will connect to the fire alarm panel).  These switches must be provided by your fire alarm service company.

Power for FMC’s ULC-listed Fire Monitoring Transmitter

CAN/ULC-S561 requires that FMC’s monitoring transmitter be provided with a separate, dedicated unswitched and unburdened power source.  We FMC must hardwire into this power source, as ULC-S561 does not allow us to “plug in” the monitoring transmitter.  This circuit must be provided at the location of FMC’s panel installation by a qualified electrical worker.

Communications Channels

When using Passive forms of communication (for more information on this, click here###LINK TO PASSIVE/ACTIVE ARTICLE###), it is usually required for you to provide one of the signal pathways.  Usually, this is in the form of an analog phone line or IP internet connection.  If a phone line, this line is not required to be dedicated, but we cannot share with your intrusion system if you have one (have you asked us if we can monitor your intrusion system###LINK TO INTRUSION PAGE###?), and the same can be said for elevator lines or anything else that is used in “emergency” situations.  With regards to IP, we will require you to provide us with an IP connection which allows a connection to the internet.  This may require the assistance of your IT department, if you have one. All signals sent through the internet are encrypted.


As always, FMC’s Client Services Representatives can identify exactly what it is you may need to provide during one of our no-obligation visits.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-789-FIRE.

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