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OPEN ACCESS™ – Surety of Information

The time between a fire alarm being activated and an alarm being dispatched can be a very stressful time.   In this time, the ability to quickly and correctly transmit information to the fire department becomes crucial… as you may or may not know fires double in size every minute after the first four minutes.  Time wasted could mean additional loss of property, injuries or even death.


Here’s how the monitoring process works traditionally:

–          Fire alarm is activated in your building

–          ULC-Listed fire alarm transmitter sends an alarm signal to a ULC-S561 listed Signal Receiving Centre (SRC)

–          SRC operator manually acknowledges the alarm

–          SRC Operator physically phones the fire department to advise of the alarm, verbally advising the fire department dispatcher of the address

–          The Fire Department Dispatcher manually inputs the alarm address into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and dispatches trucks

As you can see, this is a time consuming process with lots of areas with manual input of data and the verbal relay of critical data.  Incorrect inputs during the data transcription process or misunderstanding of words during the relay of information can result in critical time being waster and (at worst) incorrect dispatches.

This is why, where available, FMC always utilizes OPEN ACCESS™ fire alarm monitoring technology.  OPEN ACCESS™ electronically re-transmits fire alarm data (and only fire alarm data) from our SRC directly to the participating fire department’s CAD system.  This not only reduces the fire department response time, as they aren’t waiting for a call, but significantly increases the surety of the information that’s received in the fire department.  All customers put into the OPEN ACCESS™ system have their alarm information cross referenced and tested with the fire department prior to going “online”, so you know once the information is received, it will be accurate.

Why worry about whether or not the information is being correctly relayed? The technology is available to ensure errors don’t occur.  Ask us about OPEN ACCESS™ and how you can be sure that every alarm from your facility is being handled in the fastest way possible.

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