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Tech Feature: RSPNDR Guard Service

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At Fire Monitoring of Canada (FMC), we love to showcase some of the new and exciting technologies and products that make their way into the fire and security industry.  Recently, we partnered with new alarm response software called RSPNDR.


RSPNDR defines themselves as an alarm response marketplace.  This cloud-based security guard dispatching software is used in conjunction with monitoring stations and guard companies to assist with optimizing emergency guard response times.

We have seen this type of on-demand response work well in many other industries.  In fact, RSPNDR compares their service model to the likes of Uber and other ride share platforms.

How It Works

When an intrusion alarm is activated and the signal is received by the monitoring station, the RSPNDR software identifies the closest guards to respond and alerts them of the alarm through the RSPNDR app on their phone.  When one guard accepts the alarm response, all other guard’s notifications are cancelled.  The responding guard is then responsible for attending the alarm and completing an incident report through the app.

5 Steps

  1. Alarm Triggered – The monitoring station receives a notification that an alarm is activated at a location.
  2. Alarm Dispatched to RSPNDR Marketplace – The monitoring company utilizes the RSPNDR portal integration to dispatch an alarm to available security guards.
  3. Nearest Security Guard Accepts the Alarm in the App – Once the alarm is dispatched, the closest security guard can accept the alarm. The monitoring station can then track the progress of the incident through the RSPNDR portal.
  4. Responder Finishes Investigation and Submits Report Through the App – The responding security guard fills out a detailed incident report through the RSPNDR app, which is then available to the monitoring station.
  5. Secure Site – The site is secured by the responding security guard. RSPNDR reports that their platform allows for 50% faster response times than industry standard.


  1. Faster Response Times – The RSPNDR software locates the closest responders to an activated alarm, allowing for quick response times.
  2. Real-Time UpdatesRSPNDR provides the monitoring company with real-time updates on security guard response.
  3. One to Many Relationship – Through RSPNDR, monitoring stations have access to all participating security guards on the road, allowing for the quickest possible responses.
  4. Uses Licensed Guards RSPNDR only uses properly licensed security guard companies. This means that even with this increased efficiency, you can be confident that a properly trained, vetted, and licensed guard is dispatched to your facility.  RSPNDR also audits the performance of the security guard services, including their response times and reports.

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For over 30 years, Fire Monitoring of Canada (FMC) has been a leader in the monitoring of fire alarm and intrusion alarm systems.  If you would like to learn more about intrusion alarm monitoring and RSPNDR, call us at 1 888 789 FIRE (3473), email fminfo@fire-monitoring.com, or fill out the contact form below.

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