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Security Alarm False Alarm Reduction

False alarms occur more than they should. If you run a business, the last thing you want to deal with is a false alarm. You want your system to be armed when no one is there to protect your storefront, warehouse, restaurant, etc. You don’t want to get a phone call from your alarm company at 3 a.m. asking if everything is okay because the alarm has been accidentally tripped.

Security Alarm False Alarm Reduction

Instead of showing up every night at closing time to arm the system yourself to ensure there are no false alarms, try these tips:

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Train all users

Any employee that is going to arm and disarm the system needs to receive proper training. Alarm systems are not complicated to use but you should still ensure that any employee who has access to the system knows exactly how to handle it. Besides letting your employees read the instruction manual that comes with the alarm system, walk them through the steps of arming and disarming it until they feel comfortable doing it on their own.

Make sure all motion detectors are unobstructed

Many systems use motion detectors and these detectors should be clear of everything before the alarm is set. Motion detectors are sensitive and are created to pick up even the slightest movement. If anything is obstructing the motion detector, it could set off the alarm. To prevent false alarms, make sure that your employees know to check the area where the motion detectors are to remove any obstructions.

Faulty or weak batteries

Batteries don’t last forever, so it’s important to change your alarm system’s batteries when they die. Many people forget to do this, which triggers false alarms.

Upgrade your equipment

If your alarm system is behind the times, it could be the reason you’re experiencing so many false alarms. Upgrading to a new system will drastically reduce the amount of false alarms. There are also alarm systems or alarm services available that allows you to arm and disarm the system from your Smartphone or tablet. Instead of relying on your employees to arm and disarm the system, you can do it for them from wherever you are.

Click Here for a Free Assessment on False Alarm Reduction on Your Security  System

Here are some 8 more Steps to False Alarm Reduction:

Infographic: How To Reduce False Alarms From Your Monitored System

























False alarms are a nuisance and use up valuable resources by sending the police and fire department to your business when it’s not necessary. Do your part to reduce false alarms by ensuring you and your employees know how to properly use the equipment.

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