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See Why Reducing Fire Department Repsonse Times is More Important Now than Ever

We are committed to the idea that Fires cannot be mitigated without a call, and that reducing response times is one of the most important steps in mitigating Fires.” – FMC Vision Statement


In order to help reduce fire department response time, FMC partners with OPEN ACCESS™ for fire alarm monitoring, which electronic retransmits fire alarm signals from our ULC-listed SRC to participating fire departments. This CAN/ULC-S561 approved method of fire alarm monitoring has been independently proven to save up to 2 minutes in fire department response times.

The need for reduced fire department response times in today’s building environments is fully demonstrated in this video, produced by the Underwriter’s Laboratories in 2009.  The video below shows the rate of fire growth in modern construction with modern materials versus legacy construction and materials. Watch, and see why reducing response times in any way possible is an important factor to consider and why using FMC and OPEN ACCESS™ to do this can help protect the buildings you own and people in it from the modern dangers of fire:

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