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Ottawa Fire & Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Systems & Services

Why Your Business Needs Fire Alarm Monitoring and Intrusion Alarm Monitoring in Ottawa

  • Your building may have a requirement under the fire code or building code to have monitoring to CAN/ULC-S561.  This could be true if your building:

o   Is 5 stories or higher;

o   Is sprinklered;

o   Serves alcohol;

o   Has an occupancy over 300;

o   A hospital, nursing home/care facility, or day care;

o   A school

  • Peace of mind:  fire alarms which have no code requirement are not automatically connected to the fire department. Using FMC ensure the fire department is called on every alarm,  immediately.

Other Services We Provide in Ottawa

Why We Love Ottawa and Want to Keep You Safe and Secure

Keeping our Nation’s Capital Region safe and secure is a major priority for our company.  We understand that to keep our country moving, it is important that the businesses and buildings in Ottawa are provided with the highest level of monitoring available.  Our ULC fire alarm monitoring services are based on the idea that fire cannot be mitigated without a call, and the early notification is at the heart of what we do.  It is our small part to provide our services to all who reside in the Capital, including our ability to provide security alarm systems and monitoring, CCTV video surveillance and access control systems.  From Kanata to Nepean to the Rideau Canal to Orleans and beyond, we pride ourselves on our work in our Nation’s Capital.

About Fire Monitoring of Canada

With over 25 years of experience, Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc specializes in the early notification of fire alarm signals to the fire department, FMC can provide the added benefit of electronically transmitting your fire alarm signal directly to your local fire department using OPEN ACCESS™. As a ULC-listed Signals Receiving Centre (SRC), we can provide a fire monitoring solution that is ideal for facilities such as hospitals, schools, high rise residential units or any commercial and/or industrial building that is required to be monitored under the Fire Code. FMC also provides all other “security” type installations, including security alarm monitoring, CCTV and access control.

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