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Tech Feature: Bold NotifyMe

NotifyMe By Bold Technologies

At Fire Monitoring of Canada, you know we’re always getting excited about new technology. Even more so if that technology can help our customers alleviate some stress from their daily lives – especially during the night. Enter NotifyMe powered by Bold Technology. This staff pick comes to us from Kevin Allison, President of Fire Monitoring of Canada. NotifyMe is an elegant application designed to reduce false alarms so you can leave your building stress-free and sleep through the night.

No Rude Awakenings

Few things are more annoying – or more stressful – than finally putting the day behind you, lying down, finally drifting off to sleep, and being woken up by a phone call telling you that an incident has occurred at your building. The last thing you want to do is get up, get dressed and head back into the office to see what tripped the alarm and reset the system…especially if you receive the phone call in the wee hours of the night. Luckily, with Bold’s NotifyMe system, this is no longer an issue.

Everyone is Connected

NotifyMe works by alerting all users on an account by way of a push notification when an alarm occurs. While this is happening, a timer will begin to notify the Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) of the alarm. Not only will users be alerted that an alarm has been triggered at their building, but they can communicate to one another in real time, and manage the response. Through this messaging capability, the alarm can be verified immediately and sent to the SRC or cancelled entirely by a user. The alarm can even be held so that everyone in your group has extra time to investigate the alarm.  However, if the timer runs out, the alarms will still be received by the SRC staff, ensuring that if no one is able to answer the app, the alarms will still be addressed.

Monitored Round the Clock

NotifyMe gives you more freedom as a business owner or building manager to react when an alarm has been triggered. Being able to communicate with other users on the app is paramount in understanding what’s happening at your building, and deciding whether or not the authorities should be contacted. For instance, if a co-worker accidentally trips the alarm on their way into the building, they’ll be able to notify you right away, and the alarm can be cancelled right there and then.  Despite having the ability investigate an alarm prior to the SRC handling the alarm, the system will still be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure peace of mind.

NotifyMe is a customizable way to notify users of a variety of events from high-priority fires and burglary to low-priority battery alarms. The countdown to notifying the SRC can also be customized to the users’ preferences. The app works with I-View Now so users can check their cameras right from the app. This can help determine the validity of an alarm even further.

Download Now

NotifyMe is a great system that aims to elegantly reduce instances of false alarms. Its myriad of features see to it that leaving your house in the dead of night is the absolute last case scenario when it comes to receiving an alarm at your building. Bold NotifyMe can be downloaded right now from the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

If you’d like to learn more about security and fire alarm systems that will work best with NotifyMe, call us at: 1-866-670-1590, or contact us using the form below.

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