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Temporary Office Closure Security Tips For Your Business

When preparing a checklist for a temporary office closure, security is usually a big concern. You don’t want to leave your tenant’s or employee’s personal belongings, or your office equipment and supplies, vulnerable to an invader. Taking the necessary precautions to secure your office will give you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about what might happen at your business while you and your employees or tenants are away.

Consider These Security Tips When Temporarily Closing Your Office

Many temporary office closure security tips involve common sense, community and a little extra effort. Here are some suggestions on how to keep invaders away when the office is empty for an extended period, such as during a holiday break:

  1. Pick up the mail & stop deliveries temporarily

    Nothing announces that there’s no one at the office like an overflowing mailbox and unopened packages, so make sure to pick up the mail for your office and temporarily stop the mail/paper delivery for the duration your business will be closed, and request that employees not have any personal packages delivered to the office during this time.

  2. Shut the windows and lock all the doors

    It seems like a rather basic step, but unforced entry is common because business owners forget to lock up, or haven’t properly kept track of office keys or cards. When busy handling all other office duties before a temporary closure, you can easily forget to check that all doors and windows are properly locked & secured.

  3. Have an employee check in

    If possible, have an employee who lives nearby check in at the office at scheduled times to ensure it’s vacant during a temporary closure. Request that they contact you or authorities as soon as possible if they notice anything suspicious. In the alternate, you can always have a guard company perform random checks of your site, or you can remotely log into your CCTV video system.

  4. Keep the landscape trimmed & clear

    Trees, overgrown bushes and other vegetation around your office can provide adequate cover for burglars to make a sneaky approach. An untidy landscape also shows that there is no one around to take care of it. So, hire someone to cut the grass and trim the hedges to a height of 2 feet so it looks clean and exposes likely burglars. In the winter, ensure that the property remains clear as well.

  5. Use timed lighting

    Despite many burglaries occurring during the day, there are still numerous break-ins that occur at night. Consider using a light timer to schedule when lights will go on/off automatically or get smart lighting technology to remotely brighten or dim multiple rooms of your building via an app.

Finally, install a complete commercial security system with 24/7 professional monitoring. This will give you peace of mind knowing that any security breach will provide notification to our operators who can act on any alarm. Alarm systems are also great deterrents for potential intruders.

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