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The Importance of Designating A Fire Warden In Your Office

If a fire ensues on your commercial property, time is of the essence. We know from our work in fire alarm monitoring and with OPEN ACCESS™ how quickly a fire spreads: A fire doubles in size every minute after the first four minutes. From evacuating the building to notifying the first responders, someone needs to take charge to ensure that an emergency is not made worse by an inappropriate action or response.

Designating An Office Fire Warden

That’s where an office fire warden comes in. Simply put, the office fire warden is responsible for implementing a company’s fire safety plan, ensuring that everyone is aware of the emergency procedures, and is the point of contact for first responders. In the case of a fire, a fire warden will ensure that an office is cleared and the authorities are called. What follows is a look at the role of office fire wardens so that you can see the need to designate a person to this important position.

Duties of a Fire Warden

In the event that your fire alarm monitoring system detects a problem, the office fire warden will be responsible for an orderly evacuation and ushering everyone out of the building. Once having completed a thorough sweep of the office to ensure no one is left behind, a fire warden meets with the group at a predetermined location outdoors, and conducts a headcount to verify that everyone is accounted for and safe. In addition to these critical duties, office fire wardens do the following:

  • Ensure that employees remain in the designated area outside the facility until the proper authorities arrive and deem it safe to return to the building; and
  • Inform authorities of any sections of the building that he or she might not have had the chance to check prior to evacuation

Office Fire Warden Qualifications

With a robust fire alarm monitoring solution and a capable office fire warden, you will go a long way toward protecting your commercial property and employees in the event of a fire emergency. But how exactly do you go about finding the right candidate for office fire warden? Not everyone will be suited for this role. Consider the following list of skills and abilities that an office fire warden should have:

  • Calm in stressful situations;
  • Able to lead during a crisis;
  • Keeps an updated employee list;
  • Can operate a fire alarm monitoring system; and
  • Proactive in assessing possible fire hazards.

It’s definitely important that you have a fire warden in your office. The threat of fire hazards is always a real and present possibility that you need to be aware of and plan for. And while a fire alarm monitoring system will help to protect your business, you also need to appoint an office fire warden who will spearhead the evacuation.

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