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Three Must Answer Security and Monitoring Buying Questions

Before a person purchases almost any product there are three key questions that you must ask yourself and then answer to ensure you making the correct choice in your purchase:

  1. Is this the right product or service to suit my needs?
  2. Is this the correct/fair price for this product or service?  (NOT to be confused with “cheapest”)
  3. Do I trust and believe in this company and/or salesperson?

This is no different in the security and monitoring industry. It can be even more important when you consider the nature of the products and services you are purchasing from a security and monitoring provider. At FMC, we try and address these three questions with every sales call to ensure you, as our customer, are completely informed and comfortable with the services we are providing.

To answer the first of these three questions, we must ask ourselves some difficult questions:

–        What are my needs in comparison to my wants?

–        What other products are out there?

–        Will they be exactly what I am looking for in this purchase?


When making a purchase that is relatively large, we need to be able to step back and think in more of a long term view.  Consider purchasing a home. When many people purchase their home they think about things like how it looks now and how big the rooms are, but many forget to check the foundation or how easy it will be to add that pool in 5 or 10 years.

At FMC, we like to think in the long term to make sure that you will be pleased, not only the day you choose us, but long into the future. The solutions we provide, in consultation with you, are designed to fit your current situation, and can provide room to grow in the future.

The second question is probably the most difficult question to answer because there are typically many choices that can seem very similar with differing quality of products or services. As an end user discerning between these similar products can be confusing.  Many times, we make choices based on price and we unknowingly make a poor decision because at the time we were looking for the “cheapest” deal.  One way to approach answering this question is to refer back to when you were first looking for a house or a car.  Rarely in these cases would we ask a real estate agent what their cheapest house is, or the car salesman what the cheapest car on the lot is, we typically start by telling them what we need or like, and this same approach is crucial when choosing security & monitoring providers.

At FMC, we will work with you to get the most appropriate level of security and monitoring for the value you are paying.   We will also take the time to describe how, what we proposing to provide may be different than other options, and how this may be beneficial to you.  For example, where available, FMC always uses OPEN ACCESS™ for fire alarm monitoring, which has been independently verified to reduce fire department response times by up to two full minutes.

The answer to the third question can be a very quick and visceral response, often not needing much time at all – Everyone has had a salesperson come to the door and thought to themselves “I don’t think so”.  This is often a reaction to the company or the person themselves.  Trust and comfortability with a company are important factors to consider when choosing a provider.  When making this decision it can be beneficial to take some time to ask the salesperson questions about their company and the product or services being offered. Even doing some research online to uncover what this company is like and what kind of a reputation they have can be very useful.

At FMC, for the past 25 years we have strived to be honest and open about who we are, and what we are trying to do for our customers.  When dealing with us you will only ever deal with an FMC employee, meaning that we don’t send out contractors that don’t know you or your business, and all monitoring is done in house.  You will never be put in a queue on the phone and we have people you can speak with any time of day. We also employ our own highly trained technicians for immediate response to your technical needs. We understand that trust is important in our industry, and we work hard to gain your trust and keep it.

We understand that becoming your monitoring and security provider is a relationship, and we work hard to develop this relationship from the moment you first make contact with our company through what we hope becomes years of service. We strive to answer these three fundamental questions up front so that you are comfortable with the service you may be looking to purchase, whether that is fire alarm monitoring, intrusion installation and monitoring, CCTV systems, access control or any other service we provide.  You should ensure these questions are answered when dealing with any security company, and take the time to ensure a measured decision is made with the purchase you are making.

We recognize that cost is certainly important, but give serious consideration to the fact that if what you have purchased proves to be inadequate then you have wasted your investment. A properly installed system should be virtually trouble-free and offer peace of mind for many years to come. FMC’s expertise and “Service with Integrity” is clearly your best choice for monitoring and remember to always ask any vendor for OPEN ACCESS™ for verifiable improvements to Fire Department response times.


3 thoughts on “Three Must Answer Security and Monitoring Buying Questions

  1. When you possess a clear vision for your business and you encourage every employee in your organisation to embrace the
    vision of your business, you have the means to improve your service delivery.

    Always keep an accurate record of your transactions.
    The responsibilities are huge so are the outcomes of the faults.

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